Camp NaNoWriMo April 2013 – Day 9 & Book Release Day!

Today is the release day for the paperback version of Seasons of Self: Autumn & Winter. It is the first of the five poetry collections that will be published from now until October 2014.

Today is also brought to you by springtime in Colorado. Yesterday, it was near 70 degrees with a gentle breeze until about 4:30pm when the wind picked up. All evening and early morning, very high winds rattled the windows and shook the house. It was very challenging to get a good night’s sleep. There were times were I thought the house was going to get thrown on its side because the wind gusts were so strong.

By 10am today, there was two inches of snow on the ground areas not containing concrete or asphalt and 16 degrees F in addition to the continuance of high wind. The weather reports had claimed 6 to 10 inches of snow by the end of today but I doubt it will happen. I had no plans to go anywhere today. However, the drastic change in temperature makes me very exhausted thus hindering my writing prowess.

Why yes, I just wrote about the weather. I know it is terribly boring and rather cliché yet it completely sums up the kind of day I am having. After all, the weather is to blame for my mental fog.

Today’s NaPoWriMo contribution is Unrepentant, a piece for Obiter & Oleander that I wrote around 1am.

Not sure I will write much beyond Unrepentant as I have a slew of other tasks to complete. This is disappointing as I would rather be curled up in my electric blanket writing with notebook and pen than at the computer doing data entry work on a snowy day. The situation is entirely my fault because I opted for a morning at the coffee shop then an afternoon nap yesterday instead of data entry work and household chores. Have to suck it up and get stuff done.

Many hours later and writing did not come around again beyond the completion of this blog post. I completed most of the data entry work which always takes longer than I want it to. Perhaps I should have also said no to a mini-movie marathon of the first three Twilight flicks. On a snowy day, one just needs mindless fluff to watch even if the horrific acting gets annoying. Regardless of activity, I spent the day curled up in my electric blanket. For awhile, it was really bad idea as the heat was making me even sleepier but I eventually got my act together.

Today’s final counts are:
0 poems for Kirsch & Kerosene
1 poem for Obiter & Oleander
0 pieces for novels in verse
531 total words
1 NaPoWriMo Post
1 Camp NaNoWriMo Post

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