Camp NaNoWriMo April 2013 – Day 17

Fled the house early-ish this morning even though I ended up scraping a quarter inch thick layer of ice off of the car to do so. Was not gone for long because the snow returned with a vengeance but I managed to get to the post office and the library. I was feeling apathetic to the whole writing thing today. Apathetic might be the wrong word here. Perhaps restless is a better word to apply to the situation. Still, I managed to get two pieces written for Obiter & Oleander and one piece for Kirsch & Kerosene. Today’s NaPoWriMo contribution is Magnets.

I did try out this new ambient sound streaming site, Coffitivity, which I heard about yesterday. It is oddly soothing. It may have been more inspiring if I hadn’t been so restless.

Aside from the writing, I completed all the weekly chores that I should have done yesterday. I felt very productive in spite of the major exhaustion I feel now.

Spent a bit of time working on content for Asana Stories – more on such at a later date.

I wish I could have gotten more writing done, and I wish I knew why I was so restless. It may be the snow getting to me…

Today’s final counts are:
1 poem for Kirsch & Kerosene
2 poems for Obiter & Oleander
0 pieces for novels in verse
Some Free Writing
552 total words
1 NaPoWriMo Post
1 Camp NaNoWriMo Post

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