Camp NaNoWriMo April 2013 – Days 26 & 27

I did not forget Day 26. I was just a little drugged up and drowsy, thanks to Benadryl, which preventing me from typing and posting. The resulting piece of poetry, Osiris, is a little odd but still intriguing. Posted a day late but it is now posted for your enjoyment.

Today’s NaPoWriMo installment, Beirut, comes from my Benadryl state of mind (Darn seasonal allergies!) mixed with a whole lot of caffeine.

Not sure how much writing will actually happen today. The Benadryl has me all sleepy but caffeine has me twitching and restless. I just cannot win this battle.

At least, I remember to a. post to the blog, b. start the much needed laundry, and c. put the seedlings outside for a few hours to start preparing them for life in the garden.

Speaking of seedlings, leaves on two of the bean plants have started to yellow. I do hope they get better as they have already begun producing blossoms and adorable baby bean pods. A quick internet search suggests iron deficiency which is easy enough to add as I have liquid iron supplements around. Most of the seedlings are doing well although they are smaller than I would have liked by this point in time. I began growing them at the beginning of February with the intent of them being quite large by the middle of May. The size is needed in order for the plants to survive the harsh sun in the south facing garden beds. Alas, not quite so large but considerably larger than the seedlings from last year which did not survive the sun. The pot containing eggplant seeds is sitting on the south facing front porch in the harsh sun in hopes of finally germinating those seeds. Frustrated by eggplant seeds and their need for 85 degrees F to germinate.

Be afraid, garden. Be very afraid. I am not a fan of yard work especially when it comes to mowing the weeds that make up my “lawn”. I do not have a green thumb. The fact that those seedlings are somewhat thriving is a miracle. I invested funds into getting a wide array of organic seeds this year because fresh organic produce is very expensive and the non-organic produce tastes disgusting due to all the chemicals. I figured I really needed to grow my own stuff to save money and encourage myself to eat more fresh produce. I have attempted gardens in the past but they barely made it and consisted only of lettuces and tomato – everything else died.

Yesterday’s big excitement was the fact that I felt like cleaning house for awhile. (Stranger things have happened…) I got the metal bed frame out of my room and set up in the guest room. The box spring and mattress are still trapped but soon they will be free to move on to their new room. I also got a little bit of the kitchen cleaned and/or decluttered. After that was all said and done, I wasn’t in the mood for writing until much later so word count was minimal.

Today, I am more in the mood for sleeping or reading. The thought of much else leads me to think, ‘Oh hell no…’

There is a three hour write-in tomorrow. Hopefully, it will be a highly productive write-in. There might be two write-ins going on – there usually are two or three on the 4th Sunday in the same area – but I need to double check timing, etc. One of the usual three is typically at 9:30am. I am not getting up at 7am on Sunday in order to go to a write-in. Other one happens randomly when the 9:30am one is maxed out on RSVPs and has a waiting list. Sadly, no random write-in tomorrow so only one for me to attend. If for some crazy reason I find myself up early, I may go to the other.

Final counts for Days 26 & 27 are:
2 poems for Kirsch & Kerosene
0 poem fors Obiter & Oleander
0 pieces for novels in verse
Some Free Writing
863 total words
2 NaPoWriMo Posts
1 Camp NaNoWriMo Post
Camp NaNo Word Count: 17,815/25,000

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