Camp NaNoWriMo April 2013 – Day 28

It figures that I would be awake at 5:30am on a Sunday after saying that I have no interest in being up in time for a 9:30am write-in. So I found myself at the 9:30am write-in in the neighboring city with a long day ahead. Write-in, Lunch & Time with Mom, and Write-in. Of course, I worried about only writing a poem or two with hours of additional writing time to kill. Decided to be optimistic as I normally write a lot at write-ins and took the plunge into today. I still worried about having enough stamina to make it through as it is very rare for me to spend this much time away from home.

I had high hopes to catch up some on word count as well as pieces finished for the poetry books.

Today’s NaPoWriMo piece is Emma for Obiter & Oleander.

The first write-in yielded two poems for Kirsch & Kerosene and three poems for Obiter & Oleander in quick succession within 45 minutes of arriving. Of course, I had another hour to spend there before meeting up with my mother. While I am grateful for such free flowing words, it makes for excessively long write-in. The length of time was made more tedious by the uncomfortable seating at the coffee shop.

I had never been to this particular coffee shop but I have been to its sister store which I am not a fan of. The chairs at this location are a very popular choice for many coffee shops and I find that they are horrible for people with short legs and women with ‘junk in the trunk’. I use to have some in my house – not aware of their uncomfortable nature at time of purchase – but pawned them off on my sister last November being that I am a short legged woman with a whole lot of ‘junk in the trunk’ and that she needed more chairs for the Thanksgiving dinner she was hosting.

The torrid coffee shop closer to home has the same chairs which explain why I only spend an hour or so there at any given time.

Put down two more poems for Obiter & Oleander and an incomplete poetic thought before my laptop ended the morning write-in for me. There were no outlets in the area large enough to accommodate the writing group. My laptop’s battery gave up 20 minutes before writing time was supposed to end. Oh well. The next write-in is much longer with much more comfortable seating to be had.

Unfortunately, the second write-in was not that productive. An hour and half into it, I hadn’t written anything. It was pretty much just social time as I have a friendship with these writers. I don’t know any of the writers in the other writers’ group since I rarely attend their write-ins. Finally got to work and the first piece was a foray into the creepy. Lately, several pieces have been creepier than usual. A lot of my poetry has a dark undercurrent but the one today and a few others go a lot darker than their other poetic comrades within the current poetry books in progress. I think I may post today’s creepy poem for tomorrow’s NaPoWriMo post. It is a good piece in all its creepy glory. Others may not perceive it as I do since it does mean more to me in its truths than in its script.

The second write-in yielded two pieces for Kirsch & Kerosene and one piece for Obiter & Oleander along with the majority of this blog post.

I did come close to two thousand words. A pretty rare occurrence this month so all this time away from home did pay off a little. This was also the most poems I have written in a day during this month (I think). Bonus points for being able to run a few minor errands as well – the guinea pigs needed more lettuce and carrots.

Today’s Final Counts are:
4 poems for Kirsch & Kerosene
6 poems for Obiter & Oleander
0 pieces for novels in verse
Some Free Writing
1730 total words
1 NaPoWriMo Post
1 Camp NaNoWriMo Post
Camp NaNo Word Count: 19,545/25,000

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