Camp NaNoWriMo April 2013 – Day 29

It is difficult to believe that tomorrow is the last day of April. Where did this month go? So many grand plans, so little accomplished.

Today’s NaPoWriMo piece is Stitched, for Kirsch & Kerosene, which I wrote yesterday afternoon – also known as ‘the creepy poem’.

Woke up at 5:30am again – after going to sleep at 1:30am – and I tried to go back to sleep but the mind decided to play a single Death Cab for Cutie song on repeat. This disturbs me on many levels. While I do own several Death Cab albums, I hardly ever listen to them. I have no idea what song it is but it was shockingly complete in its lyrics. However, if asked to sing it right now, I won’t remember a single verse. Perhaps it is a sign to listen to Death Cab for Cutie during today’s writing session because something in those songs will encourage my muse. Or is could just be the eternal mystery that is my mind and its functionality especially during sleep deprivation.

Thinking it may also be a Hurt and VAST music kind of day. To be honest, I shouldn’t be contemplating writing right now or working on this blog post. I should have gotten up at 5:30am and hauled my ass outside to do yard work. The yard is in dire need of a cleanup so I can mow it and the garden beds need to be prepped. I am in heavy procrastination mode because of my allergies and lack of lung capability. I’m not going out now as sun, heat, and I do not mix. It is also challenging to get motivated when I know it is suppose to snow tomorrow night after an 80 degree day today. Colorado keeps it interesting. It will not be the first time having snow on May 1st and it will not be the last.

I have yet to partake of caffeine this morning. An oversight to be addressed momentarily then poems…

Finally came across the song – ‘A Lack of Color’ – after listening to snippets of all the Death Cab songs on my iPod. The process also reminded me why I do not listen to their music often. Most of the songs sound the same to me. The lyrics change and nothing else seems too. I like a little more variety in my music. The morning music interlude was just an interlude. The song inspires nothing. Moving on to other music…

By the end of writing time, Obiter & Oleander surpassed the 70 poems mark. Kirsch & Kerosene is quickly catching up with 68. Yesterday was big help in my goal of being done with both books by the end of May.

I wrote a very long post about annoying advertising techniques often utilized by authors. It will be posted on May 5th.

I spent quite a bit time in the afternoon scheduling posts for May. There will still be many posts I end up writing the day they post. It looks like this blog will see 15 posts during the month/start of the ‘blog consolidation’ experiment. I am slightly shocked by this number because I am not a fan of blogging. My thought process is naturally very scattered and fragmented. I think it shows in my blog writing which, in turn, makes me feel some embarrassment. Nevertheless, I continue to blog with no regard toward my mental shortcoming. I tried once to blog in verse. It went well for a few posts then roadblock. I hit that block hard and never again. There are always going to be times where sentences in real paragraphs will have more to say than a poem.

There are all kinds of writers with their own specialties including those with the obviously natural talent for blogging. Poetry remains my one true writing love.

I just realized that the release day for Ink & Ice is quickly closing in. June 11th is not that far away. Most of the editing and formatting work is already done but I want to give it one more read through. Feeling some panic. Deep breaths, deep breaths.

Today’s Final Counts are:
1 poem for Kirsch & Kerosene
1 poem for Obiter & Oleander
0 pieces for novels in verse
Content for Blog
2446 total words
1 NaPoWriMo Post
1 Camp NaNoWriMo Post
Camp NaNo Word Count: 21,991/25,000

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