New Poetry Wednesday: Little Bird

Little Bird

here me sing
hear me sing
as the future comes in
on ink scrolled wings
tattoos nurture my soul anew
cannot give up this battle
how to ease the agony
dragging me down
down into an abyss
so I may rise above
on my torn wings
tarred feathers
clumped of what little remains
wishes for ink
only to receive hot tar
scorching agony draped
across my body
dress of burdens
peeling it off layer by layer
down to the sinew and bone
break free
break free
little dreaming bird
try to shake off the pain
embrace the fresh air
without sulfur and scream
know what you need
fly forth and grab
those dreams far too important
to forfeit these gifts
these wings on which you soar
soar far above unlined pages
waiting to hear your story
break free and bring it all back
feed the white
find purpose anew

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