Simplicity Reveries: A State of Flux

May has not been as productive as I would have liked for the decluttering process. On the upside, the storage room is finally done. It, like the living room and kitchen, has been in a constant state of flux. I get it done but it ends up cluttered again. It was a process that seemed to be never ending. Finally though, it is 100% done unless a friend ends up moving in. The closet still stores a few items – camping gear, steam cleaner, vacuum, mop, and the old shelving units. The last of the shelving units was taken apart this morning. For now, the room is empty. It will eventually be home of the full sized guest bed.

My plan for the rest of the month is to tackle the living room once more. I am hoping this round of decluttering and cleaning is the last round. I think I have decluttered the living room six times already. I have had enough with these shenanigans.

Originally, June was going to be a writing month but I’m going to be using it as a decluttering month instead with the intention of tackling what ever remains of the living room and get the kitchen finally done.

My hope is to be done with the vast majority of the decluttering by the end of June (or August at the rate I’m going). I’d like to be able to focus on other things like making a baby quilt for my forthcoming niece/nephew and finishing up various works-in-progress on the writing and sewing fronts.

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