The Buta Pages: Garden Woes

I had started the seedlings for the garden in hopes of survival and early harvest. Alas, none of that has happened. Some of friends who started their seedlings later are already harvesting produce and most of mine have yet to yield any fruit. Plants continue to be devoured by passing wildlife and an onslaught of crickets. July signals cricket season. They are everywhere and are of different sizes and coloration. It seems that crickets LOVE squash blossoms – well, the ones that manage not to get eaten by a cat/skunk/squirrel/raccoon. And despite my continued efforts, weeds have over taken large sections of garden. Not as badly as last year but still, I remain unamused.

I shouldn’t be surprised by this weed onslaught considering my entire landscape consists of these chlorophyll-based menaces. Once again, I have also lost the battle with the yard. I did make some minor headway in the overall landscaping with a layer of cardboard and lots of mulch in a raised flower bed out front. Sadly, I ran out of mulch before I could do the other. The downside to this “victory” consists of some of the prior “residents” growing out of the side of the bed through the beams of wood making up the frame.

So far, the garden has yielded 8 strawberries, 2 carrots, 1 beet, and 3 under-ripe pea pods. Currently, there is almost a finished head of romaine lettuce along with 1 bean pod, several more carrots, 3 paste tomatoes, 1 ear of corn, and 2 tiny green chilies in the works. I really hope the squash plants start producing. There’s also some kind of squash or melon that has made great strides in growth and I’d like it to blossom and fruit soon so I can figure out what it is. 🙂

Yesterday, I went driving through my neighborhood. There’s one street that makes a large circle through the whole subdivision. I cruised along it while enjoying a free cherry slurpee. Many of the homes have landscaping worse than mine and the homes are in horrible shape. I feel bad for said owners yet it makes me feel not so bad about the one I live in. I frequently become disillusioned about the house, its land, and the often losing battle to maintain them so I have to take bonus points where ever I can. Of course, there are also the homes and yards that look like they belong in a magazine. How the owners maintain this photo ready state baffles me especially the presence of manicured yards of actual green grass when the rest of us have weeds, weeds, and – if we are really lucky – a patch or two of brown grass. I’m sure they spend a lot of money and/or time to keep it that way. I’ve come to the opinion of yard work being a ‘damned if you do, damned if you don’t’ kind of proposition.

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