Simplicity Reveries: My New Nemesis

While I keep a fairly clean kitchen, it occasionally slides but it does get better especially if I have a manic episode. For some reason, manic me loves to scrub down the kitchen. For that reason, I’ve been wishing for a major manic episode to help me get through the horror of decluttering that room. The kitchen and the master bedroom are proving to be big hindrances in the decluttering process.

However, those rooms are not a primary nemesis right now. It is the cabinetry in the kitchen, bathrooms, and the family room. I’ve never liked the cabinetry built into the family room because it is impractical in size and the shelving is awkwardly spaced so very little can be stored in it. My new issue is the recessed panel in the doors and the decorative edging especially for the ones in the kitchen because they collect grime.

As time has progressed, the painted finish on the kitchen cabinetry seems to be failing (as does the paint on the walls).  The paint keeps attracting every bit of dirt and dust that may blow through the house. Thanks to the swamp cooler and the furnace/vents, this is a lot of dirt and dust. The worst areas are the decorative edging between the door and the recessed panel and the edge of the doors & drawer fronts. I spent over an hour today trying to scrub grime off of two doors and two drawer fronts and they are still icky looking. Sadly, I scrub the doors down every week or two. It has always been bad but not this bad or maybe I just have a lot less tolerance for it as I’ve run out of patience with the house and the decluttering process.

I now wish the kitchen cabinetry had been in better shape so they could have been re-stained rather than painted six and half years ago. I’d also like to hurt who ever decided that having recessed or raised edges on kitchen cabinetry would be awesome. If I ever get the chance to design my own kitchen/home and/or replace the cabinetry in this place, I am getting cabinets with smooth doors and drawer fronts aside from a handle.

I will confess that I am envious of several kitchens in the new IKEA catalog because of the smooth cabinetry and simple to clean handles they are adorned with. I know several folks who hate IKEA and their “crappy barely wood products” but I have to say that I like a lot of their stuff for the clean lines and simplicity. I do wish the cabinetry and furniture wasn’t primarily made from plywood, foil, and veneer.

Part of me would like to repaint the cabinets to see if that would help but not sure it is worth my time and effort. The process last time took far longer than anticipated. It would probably be a lot more difficult this time due to the primer and special paint. Another part of me would like to demand a refund from Behr Paint. Their “highly washable and durable” Kitchen & Bath Paint is barely washable and is most certainly not durable as my kitchen walls are also proving.

I use to not care about such things. I opted for pretty looking furnishings and the like. It didn’t matter if the design encouraged the collection of dust and the like. Since I’ve embarked on this road to simplicity, I critique the design of everything. A lot of the stuff, that I’ve gotten rid of, was discarded because they were no longer useful and collected dust like crazy. No matter how much I clean, there will be gratuitous amounts of dust. It is the downsize of living near a lot of empty fields and have an heating/cooling system that sucks it all in especially during the high winds. (This is major factor as to why my allergies and I long for a ductless heating/cooling system.)

If I ever get the chance, everything in my home would be easy to clean and – when ever possible – multifunctional. I have better things I’d like to be doing instead of cleaning.

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