Big Changes

This post is brought to you by drastic changes which about after August 25th. Most are for the best, I hope.

My sister asked me to watch my nephew five days a week while she and her husband are at work. Given the amount of time and the distance between our homes, it would be easier to spend the nights as well. This means my furbabies have to go elsewhere – my mom’s house – as my brother-in-law is very allergic. This ends up with me at my mom’s house on the weekends in order to spend time with my furbabies. It became very clear that I should sublet my house for the next year. Yes, my sister would like my ‘nanny’ services from January 2014 until, at least, February 2015. However, she keeps talking about me moving to an ‘affordable’ apartment after that time in order to be around to keep watching my nephew and the future baby #2.  I, personally, want to see how this goes for the year before I make any further commitments plus her idea of affordable and mine usually differ.

I primarily agreed to do this for the money. I have a variety of medical bills festering on my credit cards. The extra money would mean digging out of the debt black hole I have ended up in. Contrary to the often popular belief, being a writer is synonymous with being poor. Very few authors make a lot of money and it takes a lot of books being published before they may even make enough to pay their monthly bills.

I am looking at this opportunity as a chance to finally get my ‘clean slate’. I started working toward it in November 2011 with the beginning of the decluttering process. My debt was a huge stumbling block to my end goals. The whole notion of subletting will also finish off the decluttering process. I will also have the chance to live very simply in a small space as I will be living in the guest room with only a small amount of personal possessions. The rest of my belongings will be in storage at my mom’s house.

As of Labor Day weekend, I have lived here at Al-Bisslii for six years. It is bound to be unsettling – at first – to no longer have a home and to live with others. Moving out also means more money coming in to pay off the mortgage on the house. The sooner the house is paid down, the sooner I can do something more with it and gain the possibility of downsizing to a small house.

At this time, I am striving to have the entire house packed up – except for daily essentials – before November so I can spend November focused on writing. December’s focus will be moving out the packed items. Moving includes the selling of the larger furniture items. Do not have the space to store them and I’ve been contemplating on selling them anyway because they are much too large/bulky for a smaller place. Some of them haven’t been used in years too.

I do look forward to spending a lot of time with my nephew and be part of his upbringing. It is has been a long time since I have cared for children so I am a little nervous although not as nervous as my sister. She has never held a baby and has never really spent time with children. December will bring a learning curve for all of us.

If I become quiet here on These Words I Scribble, I’m probably surrounded by boxes wondering what kind of hell I have gotten myself into.

Did I mention that I hate moving?

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