Home Not-So-Sweet Home Part II

Changes continue to abound here at Al-Bisslli. Some are for the best and others are for the worse – at least, temporarily.

An tour of the foundation almost two weeks ago, for a work estimate, resulted in highly unpleasant news. 80% of the duct work had been ripped down by wildlife. Wires had been chewed on, and the piers had sunk significantly.

The insurance was only willing to pay for a third of the roof damage so there was not enough funds to fix everything even if I received something from FEMA.

Of all the options, the decision to sell it as-is seemed like the best option if enough could be obtained to pay off both of the house oriented loans. I knew I’d end up losing most of what I had invested into the house but that was true with any of the potential scenarios.

Luck seemed to smile when a local investor offered $4,500 over asking for the house. We close on the October 28th. This sale will make me mostly debt free. I get rid of both house loans and pay off over half of my credit card debt.

Of course, I have not been amused by the prospect of moving twice in a very short time frame. I ended moving out a week and half ago and into my mom’s house because it was too cold to continue living in a house without a proper heating system.

Living with my mom has been most unpleasant even though I spend my days at my house packing it up. My mom is a major hoarder and she’s gotten worse over the past few years. I hadn’t really noticed but now I do. I can barely walk in the guest room without getting injured by something. All the other common rooms are also challenging to walk into. Sadly, my mom informed me that the guest room only had a few items to clean up so I could stay in there. All lies I tell you. She blames my sister for the mess in the guest room – it is my sister’s old bedroom – but my sister only has a small bookcase worth of stuff in there. My old bedroom is now an office. I have stuff in the closet but I cannot walk into the room in order to liberate and discard closet items. My mom blames me for the office mess because ‘it wouldn’t be a mess if you’d clean out the closet’. I would clean the stuff out if I could get to them…

My mom also claims that there is room in the basement to store my boxes of books and fabric but I have my doubts. I cannot get down the stairs into the basement without major risk to my health so I cannot see the situation for myself.

I do find myself a little disappointment in my downsizing. I thought I downsized more than I did but I am proud of the fact that all my boxes, my bed, and my desk would all fit comfortably into a 14 foot x 14 foot space. It would be a bit full looking yet it is a huge accomplishment going from 2200 square feet of “storage space” to 196 square feet. I know that my possessions will continued to be downsized over the coming months. I am very intent on downsizing them further no matter what.

This weekend, the large furniture items I am keeping or are wanted by family members are being moved out. The plan is to move my bed down to my sister’s house. One of the guest beds will go to my mom’s boyfriend’s house and the other to my mom’s house to go into my old bedroom (supposedly). I have a sofa set, 3 bookcases, and two desks to sell off before the 28th because I have nowhere to store the items. I already sold 2 other bookcases to a friend.

I have spent the last week and a half packing and decluttering. The kitchen and the storage closet are the only rooms remaining to be packed and decluttered. I finished the family room yesterday and it took longer than I had anticipated. The orange room/old office was done the day before that. I feel bad for the trash pickup guys. Last week had a ton of trash and a lot of donations that my sister happily took to Goodwill for me. This week had so much trash that I could not put it all out at the curb for tomorrow’s trash pickup. Next week will also be a trash heavy week but not as bad as it has been.

It is strange to see the house so empty. It is making my kenophobia worse but, at the same time, being exposed to the horror of my mom’s home, I can cope with the emptiness a little easier.

There is a possibility of having my own little place in six to ten months and being completely debt free if things work out well. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

I am still clinging to the potential of participating in NaNoWriMo even though my mom’s house is not conducive to the writing process and I have no idea when I will be moving in with my sister. I cannot afford to go to a coffee shop everyday either. I need to scope out the library near her home to see if it is viable location to use.

I hope the sale of the house goes smoothly as does the future intentions.

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