NaNoWriMo 2013 – Days Three, Four, and Five

Day Three was a surprisingly productive day with 2533 words even though it did not yield as much poetry as I would have liked. There were seven poems – Three each for Zephyr & Zinc and Nightmares & Nevermore, and Xenium & Xyris picked up one more. Most of the word count ended up being free writing which may produce another poem or two later on when I review it.

Days Four and Five had no poetry or novel in verse productivity. A lot of free writing and a lot of lists. Unfortunately, my impending move to Denver is at the forefront of my thought process. One of my lists involved the items I brought here to use on a daily basis that I need to have packed up by Saturday. Another was a to do list for the week as I have a data entry deadline and a possible manuscript editing project to squeeze in between packing, a chiropractic adjustment, a massage, moving boxes of books into long term storage, two write-ins, and keeping up with NaNoWriMo word count. I have managed to keep up with word count thus far even if it is not in the writing arena I wanted the words to be in.

Day Six will feature a write-in so I am hoping that it be productive with poetry, and that I can get my mind to stop fretting about this weekend in order to focus on poetry.

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