The Light & The Dark

December has been a month of so many ups and downs. Much like the three months before. Looking forward to a better 2014.

Ups – The birth of T, my nephew,

Downs – The deaths of one of my furbabies, Atum, and of my paternal grandfather, Lou.

My grandfather died this morning. During Vietnam, he was exposed to Agent Orange. His body’s been very slowly succumbing to the horrors of such but he finally lost his battle. He was moved into hospice care in November so we knew he did not have much longer.  We had been hoping he’d hold on until at least January so he could meet T for the first time. Unfortunately, he’ll never get to meet his first biological great grandchild.

In May 2010, my grandfather had a book published. It is called Tans and it contains a series of short stories set in the 1960s, 1970s, and early 1980s.

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