Trying to find the ‘Groove’ again….

It has been no secret that my life has been in a state of chaos since September, and this chaos has really affected my writing and writing time. I “woke up” on Wednesday with the realization that I really miss my pre-sleep writing time. I made a promise to start that evening but I did not as my sleep addled brain had other ideas.

Still, this step needs to be taken. While I written some over the past few months, it is considerably less than usual. This lack is also starting to hinder my physical and mental well-being. When the health begins to go, I know that the matter has reached a dire point.

My eager intent to find my writing groove again is further by my desire to get the four poetry books in progress done so I can also finish up the collected works book, Russian Hymns. I have this idea about what to do with Russian Hymns but I have to wait and see what else I end up writing to see if the idea will work.

I have high hopes to finish a verse novel or two this year as well. Although I could be put further behind as I will most likely move again some time between June and September. There is a small possibility of the move being sooner but the entire situation depends on what others decide.

It is a deep seated wish that after said move, I will not have to move again for a very, very long time. I hate moving so much.

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