Release Day for Chained Ophelia

chainedopheliacoverChained Ophelia is a collection of 476 poems written between 1994 and early 2011. It is available only as a paperback. The poems were previously published in The Heart of Autumn, The Soul of Winter, The Tears of Spring, The Breath of Summer, Little Lines I Shared with Death, The Kisses of Midnight, The Poisons of Noon, The Songs of Dusk, The Blood of Night, The Visions of Dawn, The Words of Morning, The Eulogies of Dream, The Solitude of Harvest, The Mirth of Equinox, and The Embrace of Solstice. This work represents the start of my primary poetic journey to finding my voice and, along the way, discovering who I am destined to be. I will confess that it is heavy on the teenaged angst, in the beginning, but we all have to start somewhere when it comes to the passion & drive of poetry.

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