Eve of Camp NaNo – NaPoWriMo

Originally, I considered going into April with a set game plan of what to work on, but decided against it as I considered my options. The ‘game plan’ now is just to write without regard for where those words should end up. In July for Camp NaNoWriMo, Part 2 and for NaNoWriMo in November, I plan to be more structured with my writing intentions as I should have additional time to plan things out.

Even without an official game plan, I continue to have the goal of completing Xenium & Xyris and Zephyr & Zinc while putting up considerable numbers toward Elysian & Ether and Nightmares & Nevermore. I would also like to put a bit more “flesh” into Russian Hymns.

If I can accomplish my goal, I see Xenium & Xyris, Zephyr & Zinc, and Russian Hymns being published sooner than first anticipated which will be nice.

Current Poem Counts
Xenium & Xyris: 60
Zephyr & Zinc: 66
Elysian & Ether: 35
Nightmares & Nevermore: 45

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