NaPoWriMo 2014 & Camp NaNo – Day 3

A status post because it seems pertinent. Things have not started out all that great for me.

Day 1 did have a considerable amount of poems but did not put up the word count goal I set for each day. I was surprised by the amount of poems because it was chaos here. My sister, brother-in-law, and nephew were finishing their preparations for their flight, that evening, to Brussels, Belgium. My brother-in-law is from there so off they went in order for my nephew to meet his elderly great-grandparents for the first time as well as other members of the family. Day 1’s posted poem is Distortion, a piece for Nightmares & Nevermore.

Day 2 was almost non-productive as I experience agitation brought on by the presence of odd strangers. My sister, who developed a distinct dislike of the smell of paint during pregnancy, arranged to have the last four rooms of the house painted while in Belgium. I find their presence in the house annoying, and the smell of paint brings about a headache. I ended up spending a good portion of the day making a variation of a 1490s Florentine Gown for an upcoming SCA event. I found myself making a run for more paint near rush hour so it took considerably longer than anticipated. I also tended to other errands since the stores were in the same stretch of shopping center as the hardware store. Day 2’s posted poem is Phantom, a piece for Xenium & Xyris.

Day 3 still has the painters on the premises but I managed to get one poem written before their arrival. I intend to get the Florentine Gown done today. It is taking far longer to create than I would like but I am working with unfamiliar fabrics. I normally make SCA garb from cottons. This one is fashioned from linen. Linen has an unique temperament which needs accommodation as I work with it. My original intention was to do a ‘quilted’ feature on the bodice but the thread pulled and puckered the linen so I spent two hours removing the stitching yesterday. Day 3’s piece is Wake Up, a piece for Zephyr & Zinc. It came about while consuming my morning caffeine and free writing in haste before painters arrived.

I really need to pick up the writing pace. I have a lot of editing work that needs to be done by the end of next week. I also have a really long to-do list of things to accomplish before everyone else gets home from Belgium.

Present Stats
Xenium & Xyris: 63/100
Zephyr & Zinc: 68/100
Elysian & Ether: 35/100
Nightmares & Nevermore: 46/100
Overall Word Count: 939/25000

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