Release Day, April’s Free Book, and NaPoWriMo 2014 & Camp NaNoWriMo – Day 8

Today is the release day for Inscribed Idolatry. It is a chapbook of 25 poems about the pains and passion of writing. The poems are gleaned from the current Works-in-Progress and previously published poems. It is only available as a 99 cent Kindle book.

Starting on April 10th, and continuing through April 14th, Unlined & Undertakers will be available for free on Kindle. Please obtain, read, enjoy, and review.

NaPoWriMo and Camp NaNowriMo seem more difficult this year especially Camp NaNoWriMo. I have been less than thrilled with my progress eight days in. Mostly due to the fact that I wanted this, needed this so badly. A mini-vacation from the day to day chaos, and a chance to be me for a short while. I spend far too much time taking care of others that I rarely have time for myself. I need this time, these words in order to keep functioning. So many do not understand how critical writing time is to my health. It keeps me ‘sane’, keeps me together, and keeps me whole. I miss the numbers I use to be able to put up in just a week’s time.

On Day 4, I continued my battle with the still unfinished Florentine gown that became less art and more comedy of errors as the day progressed. I ended up abandoning the gown in favor of sanity. Writing was not forthcoming in my frustrations with fabric, and agitation with the painters who were not finished by the end of the work day. Day 4’s poem is Once I…, a piece for Zephyr & Zinc.

Day 5 found me up very early in the morning. So early that the coffee shops weren’t going to be open for at least an hour. I ended up traveling a few miles away from the house to the local IHOP. Over an ample breakfast, I put forth seven poems. This was very delightful even with the looming fact that I had to return home shortly to deal with the painters once more. By 4pm, the painters finally finished the work. Day 5’s poem is Button Line, a piece for Xenium & Xyris.

Day 6 was time spent with my Mom but I managed to get a poem written before she arrived at my door. Day 5 was my mom’s birthday so we went out for a belated birthday lunch. It was after 3pm by the time she left so I curled up with a good book until I decided to call it a night. Day 6’s poem is Tiles, a piece for Zephyr & Zinc.

Day 7 found me up early-ish again so I ventured to the nearby bagel/coffee shop for writing time. I sat there for an hour, lost in my own world, until inspiration finally struck for a single poem then I continued to stare at the mostly blank page for an hour more. By 8am, I decided to give up the farce of writing. I began to work on the mountain of editing work awaiting me. Time has not been kind to me in regards to my editing business either. I removed most of the content from my business’ website in late September because I knew I would not have a lot of time to carry numerous clients. Still, I’ve obtained some clients through writing groups I belong to. I have a hard time turning down editing inquiries through the groups’ forums. Primarily due to my concern over my business dying a horrid death out of neglect and fierce competition. My current client’s manuscript is due back to him by the end of this month, at the latest, but I am intent on getting it to him by the 19th. There is a lot of work remaining which is my focus for this week. Day 7’s poem is Wandering Man, a piece for Xenium & Xyris.

Day 8 began with editing and more editing until I decided to break for lunch. Over lunch, I scribbled down five poems. This productivity brought delight at progress as well as amusement over the names of the poems since they all begin with the same letter. Zephyr & Zinc is at 75% which makes me extremely giddy. It has been a long time coming when compared to the time it took to write Kirsch & Kerosene or Unlined & Undertakers. Today’s poems were brought to you by the letter A. Today is also a day for the word, ‘Again’. It was struck down with alarming consistency in the morning’s editing work. The rest of the Day 8 will be divided between editing, paperwork, and house work thus continuing the everlasting song of ‘Too Much to Do, Never Enough Time to Do It All’. Day 8’s poem is All I Need, a piece for Zephyr & Zinc.

Present Stats
Xenium & Xyris: 66/100
Zephyr & Zinc: 75/100
Elysian & Ether: 37/100
Nightmares & Nevermore: 48/100
Overall Word Count: 3734/25000

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