NaPoWriMo 2014 & Camp NaNoWriMo – Day 14

Today is the last day for the Unlined & Undertakers‘ Free Kindle Book promotion. Thanks to all who have partaken. I do hope you read, enjoy, and review it.

I have no poetry to offer up for today or yesterday. Chaos and pain got the better of me yesterday, and, today it is pure unadulterated exhaustion. It appears I also did not post anything for Day 12. I honestly cannot recall if there was poetry that day or just a lot of free writing as there was yesterday. I type this blog post with eyes barely open, mind barely functioning. I have a lot of work to tend to today – editing, caring for my nephew – and uncertain of how I will manage it.

So I have missed three days of NaPoWriMo but, at the same time, I have missed nothing for it. The challenge is a poem a day but I’ve been cranking out two to eight poems a day. The odds are in my favor here. Yesterday’s free writing put me over 11K for Camp NaNoWriMo too. Things are progressing well even if the day to day is not in my favor.

I hope for a decent bedtime and ample sleep this evening so I may resume my awesomeness tomorrow. 😉

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