Tough Decisions on Day 19 of Camp NaNoWriMo & NaPoWriMo 2014

Tough decisions this Saturday morning. Was so close to finishing Zephyr & Zinc so I decided to take a number of pieces from Nightmares & Nevermore in order to finish out Zephyr & Zinc. The poems from both books follow similar themes and threads so it isn’t a stretch. I also took a number of poems from Elysian & Ether and placed them into Xenium & Xyris, but it did not finish out Xenium & Xyris because I could not take enough as most of Elysian & Ether‘s poems were written with a very specific title-related theme in mind.

Today’s piece is High-flown, a former piece of Elysian & Ether that now has a home in Xenium & Xyris. I wrote and posted it shortly before deciding to move things around.

The Present Counts now stand at
Xenium & Xyris: 83/100
Zephyr & Zinc: 100/100
Elysian & Ether: 28/100
Nightmares & Nevermore: 33/100
Overall Word Count: 14501/20000

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