Poetry Wednesday: Eclipse


Devilishly angelic lost in
A perfectly deceitful paradigm
As you call me in shadow
Throwing arrows in dead
Weighted by innocent lies
Stuck in morgued strife

Celestial inferno in
Symphonic beauty
Eating my own flesh
To prove the long life
Of mortal immortality
Dreadfully lightened in
An eclipse of mirrored vision
Blinded by the haze
Excreted by surrounding
Passions never thought
Pursued in dreamed emptiness

Forever sleeping awake
Always struck by fiction
Momentum changing slowly
Like a tongue’s biting phrases
Kiss the tempest and temper
The firing squad tied down
Whips and chains held in leash
A Masochistic Sadist in every
Neuron as it goes bleakly

Licking the gun
Masturbating in the scent
After the bullet fled
Barrel tarnished, driving
An orgasmic trust and
Subjected to the hate
Waiting in cloaked claws
Locked to the wall in
Such eloquence that tears
Happily flow down pale
Rivers running in famine
Nightly beauty dissipates
Into flaming clouds

The leather and metal
Clasp and dance around
Silken coffin marbled
By a single eye
And silver blade
So willing to forsake
For the right to be
In the peaceful condition
Renouncing the taboo
Classically misplaced by
The man that never
Pleases to the benefit
Of a true self

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