Poetry Wednesday: Victim

The Tears of Spring CoverVictim

Finger and thorn the grace
Left stuck to exposed ribs
Shivering cold waiting for
The flood to come again
Pray so dearly but
Only paying for sins
Never encountered upon
This personality

Hold no control over
What others do but
Always carry the blame
Shred again into a new
Creation a person unforeseen
In order to thrive

The phoenix that always
Falters back into fathomless
Pasts and the victim’s lament
Beauty victim ceased upon sex
Explosion of cold fury festered
And nursed beneath skin of
Parchment blood stained

Never to have peace within
Hate always swirling and
Spew as ash from
Inked lips by oceans
Of putrid places
Locked in by an undertow
Malice decay

Take the wings and jar
Them in dirt for some
Glimmer of preserved hope
The need for the grace of
Death that has yet to
Flood this away

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