Poetry Wednesday: Peace

PeaceThe Breath of Summer Cover

Dig it out of my atrophy
And spare me the details
Do not I care for your
Culture tainted miasma
That you are dealing with
Eyes half closed
Only I see the disguise
That you wear in your
Eluded modesty gilded by
The promise of a wedding ring
Give me the peace I am longing
But not like this
A pretty dolled up
Opium lair is all you are
Selling and I cannot
Accept this conundrum
Of falsified chaste fate
Dish it out and pile it on
Still climbing out are the
Demons dressed as
Daffodils and roses
Turn them to dust in
My tears for this broken heart
Is my only guidance through
Cannot bear to have another
Because of the likes of you
Blacken someone else’s oceanic
Deprecated dream for a change
Stop mucking with mine just
On the sheer thought I’m weak
Insanity brings a shadowed
Strength in numbers ticking
Delicately towards the opiate’s
Malaise in poppy fields

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