To Dwell or Not to Dwell

I continue to be optimistic about the potential of having my own home by the end of September. So little time until then but I remain vigilant to my goal. It hasn’t been easy. Listings are slim pickings. What homes are listed are incredibly overpriced for the amount of work they need. Sure I could pick up a house in my ideal price range but that $40,000 worth of work it needs to be habitable is entirely unrealistic.

The Realtor promised to keep an idea out for more listings, and to visit any I sent to him that seem viable. I sent him listings and never heard from him. Tuesday, I was at the end of my rope with the situation. Why doesn’t he respond back? I know he got my email. Does he still not take me seriously even though he knows that future house purchases, by way of my mom, could be possible?

I contemplated contacting yet another Realtor (the 5th) but there’s no guarantees that they would take my housing requirements seriously.

Yesterday, my Realtor sent me an email (finally!) asking if this one listing was in my budget. In theory it is but it is also 40% larger in square footage than what I was looking for. I wanted around 600 square feet. It is 1012 square feet. It is slightly more than my mom’s suggested budget. Being that my mom’s budget makes me nervous, I am nervous about this one too.

Despite my reservations towards it, I requested more information and photos. From the ten photos on the listing, it appeared to be in vastly better shape than any of the 8 I looked at in August and the 20 other listings I sent the Realtor since then. The only thing it appears to need are kitchen appliances which is reasonable. If I shop right, I can take care of that for $2,000 or less. Of course, it needs a fresh coat of interior paint. The previous owners were big into nearly neon shades of yellow, pink, purple, and green. For minor repairs, I am willing to consider a slightly more expensive and larger house given the other options out there.

My main issues now are: Will the Realtor drag his feet on getting me the information? Will those providing the cash up front, until a loan can be obtained, drag their feet/demand I look at bigger houses? Will the house be sold before I even get a chance to give it a fair consideration?

The houses, except for those needing $40,000 or more worth of work, are selling very quickly right now.

It has been almost a year since the flood. I have lived with others and chaos for far too long. Something needs to work out for the better here. I am try not to dwell on the matter and just go about the day to day. Yet my optimism is fleeting…

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