Poetry Wednesday: Half


Throwing punches into a dream
Roped in satin
Strewn across wristsThe Breath of Summer Cover
Slashed apart by a sash
Strangling candles’ wax
In a dancing forté
Waiting for you to
Put the halves back
Together again as worlds
Fell apart under your
Thumbprints trailing along the washing
Away in a birth of anything
But this anachronism imprisoned
By the magical sands of flame
Devouring empty air halfway
Between night and eternity
A servant to a beating
For hire in order to
Be a slave’s private
Interlude, private dancer
Fell face forward with
Satin drawn around
The neck in accordance
With gravity’s law
Meet halfway in a
Crossroads within a try
To exploit it all in
A conspiracy theory
Cover it all up and push
It up into a sky’s
Waterfall vision

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