NaNoWriMo 2014 – Days 6, 7, and 8

Day 6 featured a write-in with another WriMo region just to the north of where I presently live. It went decently even though the coffee shop was horribly overpriced. I hope to attend the two other write-ins there this month as the group that comes out is nice. I may have picked future editing client. I got seven poems written. I was aiming for ten but it did not happen. I am trying to write ten poems a day in order to finish Elysian & Ether and Nightmares & Nevermore by the end of Day 10.

On Day 7, I managed 2,656 words and, from those words, fourteen poems which may be a new daily record. I was so optimistic about being able to get ten or more poems done each day.

Day 8, three poems done and those were a major struggle. This struggle is made worse by some bad choices I made on Day 7. I use to take over the counter pain killers in excess. I have spent months weaning myself from them. The last few times I had taken Ibuprofen, I had acid reflux/heartburn for hours afterward making sleep difficult. I thought it was food-related until last night. I ended up taking 200 mg of Ibuprofen before the Day 7 evening write-in because my back was bothering me (weather changes). At 1am, I woke up with the worse heartburn I have had in quite some time. My stomach remains all acidy nearly 24 hours later from when I took the pill. I have taken steps to help bring the acidy feeling down but my efforts seem to have been in vain. My back continues to be in a lot pain too. Sadly, I can no longer take aspirin or white willow bark either as they have been causing my legs to swell. Lack of sleep, no pain killers for increasing pain, and stomach acid do not put one in a writing frame of mind. Thanks to a lot of free writing, I managed to get close to the daily suggested word count in order to maintain my overage of about 2,000.

In spite of this lack of poems, I remain optimistic to finish the two poetry books this week even if it ends up being Day 11 or 12. I will attempt to make better use of my time too. When I am not at a write-in writing, I have been quite the slacker. Going to try and apply my non-writing time into formatting time for the books I need to finish converting into ebooks. I would also like to get started on my ‘Free Reads’ PDF chapbooks project.

Current Stats
Elysian & Ether: 88/100
Nightmares & Nevermore: 86/100
Total Overall Word Count: 15274/50000

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