End of 2014 Update

As I write this, I am taking a break from working on the outline for the Reaper’s Moon rewrite. After realizing there were major world-building flaws and the story was missing the proper catalysts for certain character changes, I decided to rewrite it entirely. The catalysts changed the overall story drastically thus making it a very different story to tell. Oddly enough, the new outline is missing an entire sub-plot and its corresponding secondary characters. Not sure these characters will make a reappearance in the writing process. Only time truly knows. I plan to get the rewrite process underway in February 2015.

From November 28th until December 28th, I embarked on a project to stretch myself creatively as NaNoWriMo wasn’t so great at doing so. I challenged myself to try and write 4 poems a day everyday. I did not succeed with the everyday part but I was close. Over the course of the month, I wrote 100 viable poems which is more than what I get out of NaNowriMo. This project resulted in the start and completion of Passion & Prudence. Normally, a poetry book has a minimum working time of a month and a half so completing Passion & Prudence earlier is a huge accomplishment. It is even more of an accomplishment considering I am seriously out of practice after the time-consuming and writing-limiting craziness of the majority of 2014.

On December 28th, I also got a healthy start on Vervain & Vice.

My writing goals for 2015
– Continue the intention/process of writing 4 poems everyday
– Complete Vervain & Vice, Yowl & Yarrow, Hallow & Hearth, Glyph & Grey, Rune & Rapture, and Lyre & Letter at minimum
– Continue posting a new poem every Wednesday
– Continue the monthly Free Kindle book promotion
– Rewrite Reaper’s Moon and bring it up to a final draft state
– Outline, write, and strive to bring two or three more story ideas up to a final draft state

My personal goals for 2015
– Take steps to remineralize my teeth in order to avoid $7000 worth of dental work
– Obtain a place of my own and get it into order
– Unpack then further downsizing of various categories of possessions I never got to in 2011-2013
– Daily yoga and meditation
– Work harder on staying away from the foods that may me sick – illness does not help the creative process!

Of course, the obtaining a new place and the moving process could stagnant goals in both categories for a bit of time but I’ll get back to it. I think 2015 will be a great year for me personally and creatively. 2015 will be the year of N.L.!

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