Release Day for Nightmares & Nevermore

Today is the release day for Nightmares & Nevermore. A few of its pieces made it in into the previously published Russian Hymns. It marked the end of the inspiration behind Russian Hymns. It also marked the end of a chapter in my life as I continue on my journey of healing, personal growth, and achievement of well-being despite chaos my day to day had been thrown into. Nightmares & Nevermore was a catalyst for a new path, a new perspective, or so I hope. Part of me is sad that Nightmares & Nevermore brought so much to an end, but I am proud of what it brought to the surface. Nightmares & Nevermore is the continuation and end of a process which began with Flare & Fetter and progressed through Unlined & Undertakers, Kirsch & Kerosene, and Zephyr & Zinc.

The $9.99 Paperback is available through Amazon and CreateSpace, and the $2.99 eBook is available for Kindle.

Bouncing off the page
While howling at the moon
Blue ink smearing out their demands
Little child’s footprints
Leading us on, leading us away

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