February Be Gone

February has been a profoundly rough month. One that has led to no Poetry Wednesdays, near radio silence on this blog, and minimal productivity.

I started out the month with an upper respiratory illness. Finally recovered in time for a chiropractor to accidentally dislocate all of my ribs from spine and sternum. Dislocated ribs, for the record, hurt horribly. The kind of pain where I could sit up, stand up, or lay down without wanting to cry, pass out, or violently expel stomach contents. At times, it was all three reactions. Been dealing with dislocated ribs for two and half weeks now. Secured a new chiropractor two weeks ago. Things are slowly getting better with two appointments a week. Nearly all of my ribs are back into place and staying there. Sadly, there’s a few stubborn ribs which need further coaxing before my muscles can heal from the ordeal, and my pain goes away. I feel fortunate though that the ribs were not cracked or broken during the dislocation incident

Immediate family members also had an unfortunate month with health concerns and loss.

But we are forging ahead into March, and trying to look forward to seeing extended family at one of my cousins’ wedding near the end of the month.

Not sure how productive this blog will be in March but I am going to attempt to schedule March’s Free Kindle book along with Poetry Wednesday this weekend.

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