Tuesday Tabellion – Release Day for Passion & Prudence

Today is the release day for my sixteenth full-length stand alone poetry book, Passion & Prudence. I wrote its one hundred poems over the course of a month. The process was an experiment in creative endurance. I learned a lot about myself, my creative needs, and inspiration during the month. During this month of June, Poetry Wednesday will feature pieces from Passion & Prudence. Other pieces were posted previously for Poetry Wednesday. Links to all the posted poems can be found on the book’s page.

The paperback version of Passion & Prudence is $9.99 and available through Amazon and Createspace. The Kindle version is $2.99 or free through Kindle Unlimited. Please read, enjoy, and reviews are always welcomed.

Struggling for words
Signify raged fabrication
Given them over to
The light surrender
To passion waiting
In the deep recesses
Of my marrow

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