Tuesday Tabellion – Not As Planned but Okay?

Surprisingly, or perhaps unsurprisingly, Camp NaNoWriMo did not get off to the best start due to life things. I did cross the 2,000 poems written threshold on July 1st which I did not realize until July 4th. The 2,000th poem is called Verbal Patterns.

In spite of assorted life distractions, progress is coming along for Yowl & Yarrow. While writing up content for Sable Quill Creations’ blog, I stumbled upon something that may help me with figuring out what to do with my works of fiction in halted progress. Hoping to utilize the information as Camp NaNoWriMo progresses.

Learned that NaNoWriMo participation may be an impossibility this year. Cannot elaborate further at this point – do not want to jinx it. The timeline and information is still extremely fluid and unsettled. A little sad about the potential lack of NaNoWriMo in my life but excited about the why there will be a lack of NaNoWrimo. There is much exclamation of ‘Finally!’ too.

Have to keep my fingers crossed which makes for entertaining typing.

Wishing everyone happy writing and much productivity!

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