Tuesday Tabellion – Writer’s Block…of Wood, Plaster, and Cement

I had all these grand plans for this blog, starting in July, but so little came to be. I had grand plans to finish Yowl & Yarrow too yet it sits at 40% completion. There is an excellent reason for these shortcomings, and it is made from wood, plaster, cement.

At the beginning of the month, I came across a listing of decent price for what my family wanted to purchased for their financial benefit and my residential benefit. A week later, the bid was in, accepted, and we hopped the whirlwind to a quick close date. Last week was the closing. I will be moving soon. Not entirely sure on how soon is soon, but I’m hoping it is before the end of 2015.

All this inherent chaos with the closing and the prospect of moving has rather killed my drive to do any writing. Mostly, I’m just tired for a wide variety of reasons including the closing. I am excited that I will be getting my own place soon. Just trying to be not too excited or optimistic since there’s a lot of loose ends hanging around which can prolong the process. The longer the process goes and the more excited I am, the more pissed off and disillusioned I’ll get about the process.

One potential other good thing to come out of July is the opportunity to sell my books at a new bookstore opening up in Longmont, Colorado which will only stock books by authors in Colorado, primarily Northern Colorado. Local Editions is officially opening for business on August 15th, and it will copies of Passion & Prudence on hand. I am certain that there will be further mention of Local Editions in the near future.

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