Tuesday Tabellion – Changes Leading to November

Tomorrow is the day where I finally have access to my new home. It isn’t time to move yet though. The entire bathroom needs replacing as does all of the flooring. The kitchen may need to be gutted and restored too. I continue to be optimistic that the move can happen during the last week of October so I can be “moved in” in time for National Novel Writing Month.

November is quickly sneaking up on me. I suspect that I will be “pantsing” any novel-writing attempt or focusing solely on poetry writing. I haven’t written a poem in 3 weeks so poetry writing for NaNoWriMo isn’t a horrific idea.

The next few weeks will be very different for me schedule-wise. If I’m not at the new place working, I will be at my mom’s house moving boxes from the basement, living room, and guest room to the garage so they can be easily loaded into my car. Once the new flooring is in, I will – most likely – make daily trips out to the new place to deposit the boxes and unload the critical ones (the kitchen items).

Extremely intent on my mission to move during October. There are doubters to my cause but I remain focused.

Even though I think the new place is still a bit too large – at 920 square feet – and has one too many rooms, I’m grateful for the extra room as all the boxes will go there until unpacking which will leave the other functional rooms unburdened with clutter. Thus assisting greatly with my creative focus. A focus I currently do not possess because I am so entrenched in the rehab and moving intentions.

Once the move and NaNoWriMo are over, I plan to be more active with this blog and blogging in general. I have ideas, plans, and goals for this. I also have ideas, plans, and goals for novels. Novels will be my primary focus. I plan to take two-three months and spend a bulk of the time outlining then writing the first drafts of a couple different novels.

*fingers crossed*

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