Another Year, Another Revisit of Priorities

A new year, and everyone is listing their resolutions. Personally, not in for resolutions but a revisiting of my priorities in 2016. I have lost a lot of time over the past 2 years and 3.5 months. Find myself wanting to avoid more loss. How do I do this for myself?

Thus brings me to my intentions for the year – a direction for my priorities.

While I had – in 2015 – intended to be more active with this blog (and life changes changed that), I do not see giving much to this blog in 2016. It was originally started to try and increase my author platform and book sales. Not sure how much it actually does for my platform. Stepping back and devoting my energies for awhile might be a good thing.

More mental stimulation by way of free online college courses, and reading my way through my ‘owned but unread’ book pile. I aspire to read at least 2 fiction books and 1 non-fiction book a week, and spend 1 hour minimum a day with educational course work.

More creativity by way of multiple avenues. A better, more simplified diet paired with daily movement and meditation. Structuring my day around times where I am more inclined to write. Writing every day without forcing it. Exercising minimalism so I am not mentally overwhelmed by clutter or chaos.

Things I’d like to get done this year:

  • The completion of Yowl & Yarrow, Hallow & Hearth, and Glyph & Grey
  • A series of short stories
  • A book of poetry written with a definitive theme in mind (The other poetry books consist of poems from anything that pops in my head at any given moment)
  • The first drafts, at least, of two novels

Yowl & Yarrow is on a deadline but it is not unmanageable. There are also a few sewing projects happening soon for my niece arriving in April.

If I can get my creative mojo firing on all cylinders again, I think I will be most successful in my intentions even with deadlines and forthcoming family changes. I have really struggled since November in finding a routine, and getting my creative mojo going. The moving process had been harder and more exhausting than I had anticipated. In the past week or so, despite being laid up with the flu, I find that things are falling in line.

Productivity creativity is my priority for 2016.

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