Tuesday Tabellion – Release Day for Yowl & Yarrow

Yowl & Yarrow was a surprisingly difficult book to write. My life was very much in transition during its writing. A great deal of the poems are very reminiscent of stress and great dislike over drastic change. I also experienced intense depression due to these changes which influenced the tone of the book whenever I did manage to write something. My state of depression was creatively hindering but there were brief moments of bright creativity. During the process, I learned I was going to have a niece (arriving April 2016), I moved into a new home of very own after 25 months of living with various family members, I realized the patterns which correspond with sliding into depression, and I discovered that I am indeed capable of ‘fangirling’ & happiness. All of this filters into the tones and themes of Yowl & Yarrow‘s 100 poems.

Yarrow may ease their earthly burdens
Across the fields stretching farther
Bypassing tchotchkes placed in sacred
Ceremonies to mask crossroads
On the breeze in penance

The $9.99 paperback is available through Amazon and CreateSpace, and the $2.99 eBook is available for Kindle.

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