NaNoWriMo 2016 Cometh

I have no idea where the last few months have gone. The mind draws a blank. Productivity draws a blank. I’m certain I was there, just not sure what I was doing. If I can fathom an activity, I may not be able to tell you when that activity actually happened. I do remember putting together a baby shower for one of my first cousins in sometime August and her giving birth to a son at the end of that month. I even remember his name! That’s about it except for the undeniable theme of 2016 which is that it has been very unkind to most. A lot of death, general unpleasantness, and the constant wish for 2016 to move on and for 2017 to be better.

Despite these questionable blanks in my timeline, NaNoWriMo is here again. I would like to say I am prepared for it. I am not. I wanted to be prepared. NaNo prep is on my monthly goals list. The list hasn’t changed since May…maybe April. The list is pretty much a joke now.

I will be “pantsing” my way through an attempt at a novel but will, most likely, write poetry primarily. My lingering (and long suffering) poetry book, Hallow & Hearth, continues to be a long way from finished. It would be nice to use NaNoWriMo to get it done. NaNoWriMo has long been successful in its motivation for such things.

Here’s hoping to motivation, productivity, and actually remembering the month of November.

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