2016 has now officially come and gone. There was a lot of negativity in and about 2016 which I want to remedy/cure in 2017. In some ways, 2016 was a year like any other but, in other ways, I hit rock bottom. I really do not like rock bottom. 2017 is all about crawling up, out, and above. I do not like the term ‘resolutions’ for this. No, this is a mission. One I need to complete in order to avoid more suffering, seeing what lies below rock bottom. I suspect below rock bottom is a creepy, depressing place. I most certainly do not want to get to know it better.

So my mission is to listen to and be more mindful of myself.

Seems simple but after years of neglect which continued on after I gain awareness of the problem, it isn’t so simplistic. If it was simple, I would not have been neglectful in the first place. I remain determined.

How am I going to listen and be more mindful?

  • Spend more time writing as I’ve lost my way in that regard and it hurts mentally, physically, and emotionally.
  • Be more proactive and attentive to giving my body the nutrients it needs, and avoid the things that make it sick and confused. In this regard, be more aggressive about obtaining and staying on a full-time raw vegan diet as it is the only way of eating which makes me feel amazing.
  • Continue to strive for a simplistic, clutter-free lifestyle. I lost my way here too and clutter creeped its way back in.
  • Be more positive and loving in thought and self-talk. I can be immensely negative toward myself, I’d like that to stop.

Aside from my mission, I have goals I would like to achieve in 2017. These goals are:

  • Publish at least 4 poetry books
  • Finish one novel completely – have the first draft done by June
  • Finish the first draft of a second novel by December
  • Be more proactive about blogging, advertising, and increasing my author platform
  • Stay focus on my mission and all goals even when I’m busy helping rehab the rental properties – we have one rehab starting in two days and another slated for the beginning of March thus far. I am hoping, though, there will only be two.

3 thoughts on “2017

  1. You got this. Staying the course is the hardest part. I have eaten entirely too much junk the last three weeks, although it was all stuff I made, it was still a lot of sugar and sugar and sugar and white flour. Feel like the marshmallow man. And my writing – dismal this past year!


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