Release Day for Glyph & Grey

It is the last day of 2017 AND the Release Day for Glyph & Grey.

The writing of Glyph & Grey started out slowly as I was also struggling with Hallow & Hearth. Once Hallow & Hearth‘s madness was done, I made reasonably quick work of the content of Glyph & Grey. Not as quick as I would have liked yet quick enough where I didn’t feel inclined to rip apart all of its pages in a flurry of giving up. Something I considered doing to Hallow & Hearth numerous times.

This book does contain the novelty of a dedication – something I have only done with very few of my books.

As with most of my poetry, Glyph & Grey is a bit all over the place with its intentions. In a weird way though, it got very personal. All poetry is personal to a degree, but many in this book are personal enough to make me nervous about putting them out there. I would have thought publishing a bunch of poems about my struggles with PTSD would be more inducing of the nerves. It was not. Are matters of mind are not as personal as matters of heart?


The beauty within moments of sadness. The belonging within times of loneliness. The passion within instances of rejection. The contradictions within hours of existence. Where all their inherent colors mix and bleed into grey, intent on being carved out into glyphs.

Glyph & Grey is available as a paperback for $9.99 through Amazon and for $2.99 via Kindle.

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