Poetry Book Wednesday – Unlined & Undertakers

This week’s Poetry Book Wednesday feature is Unlined & Undertakers which was published on August 13, 2013. Hard to believe it has been five years since its release. It is the ninth book I published. Unlined & Undertakers is two parts personal growth, one part writer’s obsession, one part paranoia, and one part love letter to a dream. A dream that began weaving its way into my world back when I started working on The Heart of Autumn. Over a span of four years, a faint dream solidified and became a constant in my day so this book was titled to pay homage.

Undertakers Cover

One hundred poems on matters of life, paranoia, longing, personal growth, dreams, and the seduction of ink

Unlined & Undertakers is available through Amazon. Kindle – $2.99 and Paperback – $9.99. The other 19 of my currently published poetry books and numerous chapbooks can also be found on Amazon.

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