Mosaic Monday – The Nature of Display

On occasion, my mosaics and mixed media pieces get to go on trips to meet a bunch of new people in hopes of being purchased by someone who loves them. Last time, one of my mosaics was slightly damaged (but was easily repairable) by a little girl who was trying to pull the larger components out as most of the mosaics and mixed media pieces were lying flat on the table. This left me to contemplate “What can I do to display these off the table”. The answer was a display rack with a grid of some kind and hooks but most options weren’t very portable or had other issues.

Cut to last week Tuesday, I was dealing with a refrigerator issue for others and I pulled the wire shelves from it before it departed for recycling thinking I could use the shelves as garden trellis. It then occurred to me that the refrigerator shelves (of which I now had four – two were from my old fridge and have been sitting around my apartment for 2 years now) were the answer to my display problem. I could construct a basic wood frame to attach them to and buy S-hooks. Easy peasy.

My first attempt at obtaining materials did not go as planned as the side frame pieces were too short. Today, on the second attempt, the screws for attaching the shelf to the frame weren’t wide enough so they went through the bracket holes rather than securing the brackets. The third attempt (aka the obtainment of wider screws) resulted in the successful completion of the first of two display racks. I just bought enough supplies for two racks. I’ll make racks three and four later on.

The display rack still needs to be painted. I bought a multi-surface paint + primer spray paint which will be applied tomorrow morning.

Posting about the display rack now because I’m just so pleased with my up-cycling results even though it resulted in several trips to the hardware store.


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