Mosaic Monday – Pisces

This week’s bead mosaic is Pisces. Water, Sea Green, and Lavender. February 19th- March 20th. This was one of the first Astrology-themed mosaics I had a solid vision for and, surprisingly, it did not include fish – the most common visual association with Pisces. I had acquired a grab bag of metal charms about a week before my Astrology mosaic adventures began. This 2 pound bag of random bits of decorative metal included a lot of lotus blossoms. I had picked up the tiny, and super adorable, metal sea turtle beads on a craft store trip several weeks prior as I just could not pass up their cuteness even though I had no reason to bring them home originally. Here, they and the lotus blossoms found a very beautiful home giving substance to water and sea while finalizing my vision for Pisces.

Pisces: Water, Sea Green, and Lavender

The 5 inch by 3 inch by 3/4 inch wood box was painted with lavender soft body acrylic. It features glass beads, acrylic beads, Agate gemstone, and metal charms. The finished box was sealed with a gloss acrylic sealant.

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