Poetry Wednesday – Black Halo

Black Halo

Black halo dangling
From my violin
When did it arrive
What purpose will
It bring as I play
Summoning demons
And less sinister entities
To my passions, to my veins
No shame in the purpose
In the blood adorning
The strings, keepers of sin
Decorating the form of a
Black halo dangling
From my violin
Swinging delicately
In time as I play
Summoning the past
The future I devour


Poetry Book Wednesday – Written & Whim

Book Cover Reveal for Written & Whim which will be released soon!

The cover art is a segment of one of my abstract paintings.


Mosaic Monday – Gold Seahorse

This mosaic started with a poll over at Patchwork Chicken Studio‘s Facebook page asking which creature should be the subject of my next mosaic. The seahorse won. I decided to documented the steps of the process for this one though I almost forgot.


The seahorse is laser cut chipboard. It came from a collection of sea-themed designs I unearthed at my local craft store. I painted it with bright gold acrylic ink. It took two coats as chipboard accepts the ink different than wood or paper would.


While the seahorse’s paint cured, I stained the mosaic’s wood tray with a turquoise acrylic ink. I used the ink as a stain to give the tray a distressed weather/water worn appearance.

After the tray was dry, I edged the base in beads of the primary palette – “water”. Once the edges were dry, I traced out a coral design onto the bottom. Rainbow glass beads were used for the coral.


After the coral was dry, I applied my custom mix of glass seed beads to create the water. The mix consists of seeds beads in 14 different shades & styles of blue, green, and turquoise. Some are translucent, some opaque, some with cores of other colors, etc. to give depth and dimension to the “water”.

Real mini seashells were placed along the bottom edge while the water was being placed. The seashells are difficult to work with because their proportions and angles so they cannot be placed before the beads surrounding them go in. Everything must be done together which leads to the seashells sliding all over the place until they are forced into place by the other beads.


After the water and seashells were secure and dry, they received a coat of varnish. While the varnish was still wet, the gold seahorse was placed on top. I felt the seahorse needed something more so I added a flat back resin gem for its eye. The seahorse received a coat of varnish to seal it and fully attach it to the rest of the mosaic. Normally, a large design element like this would be placed first then the rest of the design and beads go around it but it was placed on top because of the cut outs in the design. I wanted the water and coral to peek through.


The mosaic was allowed to dry for a week before receiving its hanger.


Once the hanger was applied, the mosaic was taken outside to get its final varnish coat. It takes about two weeks for the final varnish to fully cure which means the scent is gone from it. Once it is applied and cured, it leaves a nice, sturdy, and glossy finish.


The final product can be found at https://www.patchworkchickenstudio.com/collections/bead-mosaics.

Which creature should I feature next? The scorpion? The Elephant? The Moose? The Owl? Some other creature?

Poetry Wednesday – Music Box

Music Box

Music box twinkling out
Its final death wailing
Delicate banshee for
My ears only while I
Twirl on, final moments
Chasing me down
Pull at my limbs
Eager shadows in devour
Of my fluid nature
Across a thorny dance floor
Music box plays on
Its final death wailing
Delicate banshee for
My ear only while
I twirl on, leaving crimson
Splattering about my sides
Eager shadows in devour
Of my dying nature
Across a fading dance floor

Fridays In The Studio – The Art Knew

It is Friday in The Studio with Patchwork Chicken Studio!

This week will feature something brand new (not even listed on https://www.patchworkchickenstudio.com/ yet!), and it comes with a little story…

Wednesday night, I was prepping canvases for my morning routine of painting despite paintings rapidly taking over my apartment. I was going to give a base coat of white to several of the canvases. At the last minute, I decided to go with an indigo color instead.

While applying the color to the first canvas, two thoughts occurred, “It looks so streaky, it is going to need a second coat” and “It looks like denim and would look amazing with an array of pinks”.

The second thought gave way to the thought, “That is SO Susabelle!” Susabelle is one of my closest friends, a fellow writer, and the founder of Patchwork Chicken Studio.

I ended up painting three canvases with the base effect of denim because the effect has potential.

Yesterday morning, I created a lovely pink abstract flower upon one of the denim canvases. One of the two other denim canvases had an unfortunate mishap with the array of paint tubes covering 85% of the main work desk in my studio and will be repurposed/reused with a different, much darker, base color.

Susabelle is away, visiting her hometown, and has been gone barely a week. Even so, it would seem that I miss my friend. While I did not realize this consciously until after I completed the painting, the art knew.

Art always knows.


Poetry Wednesday – Turn


Turn the night green
Wash it clean in absinthe
Pouring out from eyes
Lost sight of justification
Longer than nighttime
When stars arise
Silver paint across
Night tattered unclean
Turn the night green
Wash it clean in absinthe
Just to hear it scream

Mosaic Monday – Gemini

This week’s bead mosaic is Gemini. Happy Birthday Gemini! One of my closest friends is a Gemini, and I suspect she is probably disappointed that there is no pink in this mosaic as it is her favorite color. Alas, Gemini is represented by Air, the color yellow, and Quicksilver.


The 5 inch by 3 inch by 3/4 inch wood tray was painted with yellow acrylic paint. It features assorted glass beads, citrine gemstones, metal beads, an acrylic bumblebee button, and a metal Gemini charm. The finished box was sealed with a gloss acrylic sealant.