Exhaustion vs. Productivity

Having difficulties in ridding myself of this crud which has been plaguing me since December. Some days are better than others. Then there are days like today where I can work for about 10 minutes before exhaustion makes me dizzy so I am forced to rest for 20-30 minutes before work recommences for 10 minutes more, rinse and repeat. Despite this “work schedule”, I cleared and organized the random pile of items in one of the bookcases and cleaned up & organized two shelves in the hall closet this morning.

Considering that my apartment is fairly clean right now, I’m healthier, than in the past, even with the crud in play. I am impressed with myself. Onset of acute illness (on top of the chronic issues) or a long project usually means my apartment becomes a disaster which takes several days to clean. Today’s cleaning was part of a long-term reorganization project to declutter my personal space rather than post-project cleaning.

Other accomplishments of the past two weeks were completing my cousin’s baby quilt (which was delivered by the postal service yesterday and I hope it was received) and writing 25 poems. I actually remember to post all the desired posts to the blog and social media except one. This may not seem like much of accomplishment to some people but I am notoriously distracted by things so I don’t always remember certain intended tasks even if they are on my to-do list or I keep postponing throughout the day until I end up overlooking them/running out of time.

The baby quilt took much longer than intended. It was frustrating because, at first, I could not figure out why. I eventually realized that the quilt was quite a bit larger the previous baby quilts I had made due to wanting a certain pattern with the squares. I was very fortunate to have enough fabric for the quilt in the end. It was getting kind of dicey with one of the prints. In addition to the baby quilt, my cousin also received two flannel blankets – one I made this week and one I made a few months ago.

– Not the best pictures, was having lighting & positioning issues – 

Been doing a lot of reading of books. There are some weeks where I read very little then there are times where I binge read like a person who stumbled upon an oasis after weeks wandering the desert. There were several days that involved reading for 10-12 hours, up to 6 books. One of the perks and downsides of being a speed reader is the amount of books I can read in a day (as long as the book is engaging). If you want to know what I’ve been reading, check out my author page at Goodreads.

Finding it hard to believe that January only has a week left to it. Mostly because there were several things I had hoped to accomplish during the month but haven’t even started on. Regardless, things are progressing so I cannot be too heartbroken over the remaining items on my monthly to-do list.

And that is this week’s update. Wishing all much creativity and artistry.


Poetry Wednesday – Dolls


Cut my grosgrain ribbons
With bloody rusty scissors
While Mama cried and yelled
As if her little girl
Was abandoning all
Hopes and dreams
Of an upbringing
Anything less than dramatic
A box of matches
Set alight in flight
Softer than grosgrain
Spun around lies
Dress them up as
Little dolls so no one
Sees the broken hearts
Rotting inside the illusions
I grew weary of one day
And I cut my ribbons
With scissors rusted by
My own blood

Mixed Media Monday – Magenta Flower

It is Mixed Media Monday. Today‘s featured piece is Magenta Flower. It consists of a magenta acrylic ink stained laser-cut wood flower on top of mixed print paper with resin and glass bead embellishments inside a green acrylic ink stained 5.5” square wood tray then sealed with a gloss acrylic sealant.

Magenta Flower

Magenta Flower is currently available for purchase. The price is $15 USD (includes shipping within the USA). If you are interested in obtaining Magenta Flower, please contact me.

Poetry Book Wednesday – Flare & Fetter

This week’s Poetry Book Wednesday feature is Flare & Fetter. It is the second book in the “A to Z” poetry books as well as my seventh published book. Flare & Fetter was published on February 12, 2013. Several of its poems can be read through https://words-scribbled.com/books/flare-fetter/.

Flare & Fetter Cover

There is a fine line between genius and madness. In this chronicle of one poetess’ battle with the traumas that have plagued her existence, she discovers how fine a line it is. Along the way, she learns a lot about herself, those in her life, and what it means to be alive.

Flare & Fetter is available through Amazon. Kindle – $2.99 and Paperback – $9.99. The other 20 of my currently published poetry books and numerous chapbooks can also be found on Amazon.

Mosaic Monday – The Sea

This week’s bead mosaic is The Sea. The concept came about after I unearthed ceramic sea horse beads at my local craft store. They are lovely but, at the time of purchase, I wasn’t entirely sure what to do with them or the glass flowers I had been gifted until The Sea came into being.

The Sea

The 5 inch by 3 inch by 3/4 inch wood box was painted with white soft body acrylic with a blue-green acrylic ink overlay and features glass, stone, ceramic, and shell elements against a background of assorted blue, green, turquoise, clear, and white glass beads. The finished box was sealed with a gloss acrylic sealant. The Sea is currently available for purchase. The price is $20 USD (includes shipping within the USA). If you are interested in obtaining The Sea, please contact me.

Plans Always Have Other Ideas

When I reflected on what I wanted to accomplish in 2019 and how I would go about it, I thought I had left the end result fairly flexible to allow for bad health days (I have chronic ailments). Just days into January, I learned that it isn’t quite flexible enough but there is progress made in the end. Due to health things, January – thus far – hasn’t been as artistically fulfilling as I would have liked especially with matters not pertaining to poetry.

Currently, I have a baby quilt and two bead mosaics in progress. The baby quilt is on a significant deadline – my cousin is due in March. I am reasonably optimistic to have it completed and mailed to my cousin by the 18th so I can focus on other projects. I intend to have four bead mosaics done and the finishing work accomplished on several little paintings by the end of the month.

I really like the projects in progress. The baby quilt is in a color palette I normally shy away from but it is turning out to be really beautiful. I hope my cousin likes it. One of the mosaics, Maritime Eternity, was a random idea I had one day and I got to try out a new technique of staining with alcohol inks to give new visual appeal to some of the elements. The staining was an immense success – it has really brought the project to another unexpected level. Maritime Eternity is quickly becoming one of my favorite mosaics. The success of the staining has also made me want to try it out on items for future projects.

Altars & Avatars is on track to be published on February 12th. Currently waiting on its front cover so I can put together its advertising. My friend, who did the art for Mourning & Melancholia, has also done the art for Altars & Avatars. The art, based on my very basic idea, looks really amazing so I am excited to get the finished front cover from her soon.

I think that is it for this update. I have nine poems that need to be typed up and a quilt that is most eager for my attention yet I am, presently, ignoring all of them to write this post.

Wishing all much creativity and artistry.

Poetry Wednesday – Darken


Darken all my dreams
Does thee when sunset comes
Across our torrid landscapes
Carved from grey matter
We once thought to fashion
Into a higher being than
Ourselves but failed with
Every mark of blades dull
Bloody and nicking arteries
Unseen by naked eyes
Burning out monstrous
Sunlight behind eclipses
Darkening all my dreams