Poetry Book Wednesday – Altars & Avatars

This week’s Poetry Book Wednesday feature is Altars & Avatars. It is the sixteenth book in the “A to Z” poetry books as well as my twenty-second published book. Altars & Avatars was released yesterday, February 12, 2019. Several of its poems can be read through https://words-scribbled.com/books/altars-avatars/.

Altars & Avatars

One hundred poems scripted onto this paper altar in exaltation of hidden potential – gods known and unknown, holy and unholy – within all creations.

Altars & Avatars is available through Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/1502756927 Kindle – $2.99 and Paperback – $9.99.

The other 21 of my currently published poetry books and numerous chapbooks can also be found on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/default/e/B00AOVY2K4/.

Plans Always Have Other Ideas

When I reflected on what I wanted to accomplish in 2019 and how I would go about it, I thought I had left the end result fairly flexible to allow for bad health days (I have chronic ailments). Just days into January, I learned that it isn’t quite flexible enough but there is progress made in the end. Due to health things, January – thus far – hasn’t been as artistically fulfilling as I would have liked especially with matters not pertaining to poetry.

Currently, I have a baby quilt and two bead mosaics in progress. The baby quilt is on a significant deadline – my cousin is due in March. I am reasonably optimistic to have it completed and mailed to my cousin by the 18th so I can focus on other projects. I intend to have four bead mosaics done and the finishing work accomplished on several little paintings by the end of the month.

I really like the projects in progress. The baby quilt is in a color palette I normally shy away from but it is turning out to be really beautiful. I hope my cousin likes it. One of the mosaics, Maritime Eternity, was a random idea I had one day and I got to try out a new technique of staining with alcohol inks to give new visual appeal to some of the elements. The staining was an immense success – it has really brought the project to another unexpected level. Maritime Eternity is quickly becoming one of my favorite mosaics. The success of the staining has also made me want to try it out on items for future projects.

Altars & Avatars is on track to be published on February 12th. Currently waiting on its front cover so I can put together its advertising. My friend, who did the art for Mourning & Melancholia, has also done the art for Altars & Avatars. The art, based on my very basic idea, looks really amazing so I am excited to get the finished front cover from her soon.

I think that is it for this update. I have nine poems that need to be typed up and a quilt that is most eager for my attention yet I am, presently, ignoring all of them to write this post.

Wishing all much creativity and artistry.

Tuesday Tabellion – Post-NaPoWriMo Thoughts

NaPoWriMo 2018 & Camp NaNoWriMo have come to an end. My Camp NaNoWriMo goal for April was 30 poems to match the intent of NaPoWriMo. I validated on April 27th with 31 poems. I find this disappointing. In previous Camp NaNoWriMos, I always increased the goal. Most of the past Aprils, I was writing three to four poems a day. There even days with as many as eight poems (much like during NaNoWriMo). This April, however, I was lucky to put forth one poem with the rare second poem happening.

Overall, I am happy that progress happened with Mourning & Melancholia (16 for 36/100), Altars & Avatars (15 for 15/100), and Written & Whim (4 for 4/100).

This NaPoWriMo featured the posting of works to Instagram as well as some technical glitches which led to me posting several days at a time rather than every single day to this blog, Twitter, my Author page on Facebook, and Instagram. It was rather annoying. While I did like the readership that seemed to increase due to my use of Instagram, I remain uncertain about it.

On April 20th, I experienced Cradle of Filth, Jinjer, and Uncured. Post-concert depression did hinder my writing progress unlike with prior concerts I had attended. The reason for such eludes me. It was a fabulous concert and I did enjoy myself immensely even if my legs did not. Fibromyalgia and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome do not make good concert-going companions.

April was light on other artistic pursuits too which left me feeling a bit at loose ends. May May bring more creativity and inspiration.

NaPoWriMo Day 29 – Sirens’ Songs

Sirens’ Songs

Sedatives do not silence
These Sirens fighting over me
Keep me from obscurity
My innocent soul paralyzed
By the white seas I cut through
With my falling tears
Sirens’ songs do encourage
Their descent down my face
Corpse paint so beautiful
Red, black, white, and tear-filled
All for the knives in my back
Once thought of as claws
Until the Sirens moved
To fight away from the waves
My ichor sea ever-expanding
With every word they sing

NaPoWriMo Day 24 – Death’s Roses

Death’s Roses

On the edges of sight
I see Death walking
Slow dropping white roses
While he goes yet I cannot catch
A rose as they float down to
Rivers of blood drowning
White roses uncaught
By desperate pleading hands
Immortality within petals
Unfulfilled so only Death
To greet this sight fully
For I could not catch a rose