Artists Sunday

I am delighted to partake in Artists Sunday with Patchwork Chicken Studio. It is a day dedicated to encouraging consumers to shop with artists and give something special, unique, and hand-crafted this holiday season.

We have extended our 10% off promo through today in honor of Artists Sunday. Get 10% off with the code HolidayChicken10. Always Free Shipping in the USA.

New Mosaics

Added several new mosaic designs to Patchwork Chicken Studio the other day including tombstone and coffin shaped ones. All Mosaics, and everything else on the site, are 10% off with the coupon code HolidayChicken10.

Sale at Patchwork Chicken Studio – The Fall sale is ON! 10% off everything in our online shop! Free Shipping in the USA. Use code HolidayChicken10 at checkout!

My mosaics, mixed media art, fabric creations, and autographed poetry books are part of this fantastic sale.

NaNoWriMo 2020 – Day 3

Still trying to decide how it came to be November already. Quickly closing in on 8 months since I last had a “normal” day (as known as March 13th). I continue to struggle with the new “normal” with everything that is going on and how it constantly changes. Never knowing what tomorrow or a few hours from now will bring.

Today is Election Day in the USA. I voted by drop-off ballot weeks ago so I do not have to deal with the chaos of actually voting today. This day brings a lot of uncertainty with it. Uncertainty I am try not to focus on. Instead, I am working diligently on NaNoWriMo.

I am very, very determined to get back into the writing groove and the general creativity groove. My creativity has been immensely sporadic this year. I have great dislike for that as I prefer to be consistently creative even if it an extremely brief blip of time each day.

During these past months, I spent time creating products for Patchwork Chicken Studio. Each product took longer than normal to make – due to distractions, depression, exhaustion, and grief (from losing loved ones to Covid) – but I eventually got to the finish line. I was happy to have things to do and things to force myself to do, to focus on that didn’t involve spending alone time with my brain. Sadly, writing involves spending a lot of focused time alone with my brain.

Aside from NaNoWriMo, November is a busy month for Patchwork Chicken Studio. We are doing a month-long virtual Artisan Market as well as doing all kinds of holiday promo work over on our website. Normally, we’d spend all of our weekends from late September until early December at in-person Art Shows, Artisan Markets, and Craft Shows displaying and selling our one-of-a-kind handmade goods & gifts but all of those shows have been canceled due to Covid. Accordingly, we must adapt and focus on online sales for the holidays.

Even though my highly introverted self really struggled with the intense social aspect of the shows, I find myself missing them. Like the holiday season doesn’t feel like the holiday season with them gone.

It is truly a bizarre year – emotionally, physically, mentally.

Shop Small for the Holidays

Fort Collins’ Holiday Artisan Market

This is the only craft fair my friend and I are doing this year with our business, Patchwork Chicken Studio, due to Covid-19. The Fort Collins’ Holiday Artisan Market decided to go 100% virtual this year. We are very excited for it as we’ve loved participating in the previous Holiday Artisan Markets. If you are looking for great handmade holiday gifts, please check out Fort Collins’ Holiday Artisan Market,, and Patchwork Chicken Studio,