NaNoWriMo 2014 – Days 3, 4, and 5

I have been feeling under the weather the past couple of days. I have managed to keep up with the word count by writing whatever pops into my head when I sit down to the computer. Not useful toward my goals for Reaper’s Moon, Elysian & Ether, and Nightmares & Nevermore but sick me was of the opinion that words were words. I managed to get myself together long enough to attend a write-in this evening, Day 5, where some poetry did happen. None toward Reaper’s Moon but Reaper’s Moon did manage to pick up a piece of rewrite work late on Day 2. Not where I had hoped to be progress-wise come Day 5. There is still time to pick up the pieces.

I have mentally thwarted by restlessness driven by the hope of getting my own home again. I continue to have no prospects on that front. It is has been over year since I discovered Al-Bisslii was caving in on its self – an issue I could not afford to fix – so I moved out and sold it to someone who could afford to fix the damages. Next week, will mark a year of when I moved in with my sister. While I do not live with her anymore, I certainly had expectations of having my own place by no later than this upcoming mark. If nothing else, this past year and then some of living with others has made me more appreciative of who I am, what I want out of my life, and of my long-standing single gal status. It has made me more aware of how I show love and respect to others and how I expect such in return. I cannot recall when I have actually gotten these things in return where they truly mean something to me. Perhaps that is why I have no interest in living with other people – family relation or not.

As I type this at the write-in, I become very engrossed in the notion of coming here tonight might have been a mistake. Sick, tired, tired and more tired.

There was a write-in on the evening of Day 3 but I did not attend. There is a write-in tomorrow yet not sure I will attend based on my current physical state and frame of mind. Keeping fingers crossed that I will be well enough for the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday write-ins so I may be extremely productive like I was on Day 1.

And accountability be damned for the past three days. I fell off of the “wagon” dramatically. I need to figure to stay on course even when sick.

Not sure what my daily word count stats for Days 3 and 4 are but I know the other numbers.

Current Stats
Reaper’s Moon: 1 piece of rework
Elysian & Ether: 74/100
Nightmares & Nevermore: 74/100
Day 5’s Word Count: 1932
Total Word Count: 8,634/50,000

NaNoWriMo 2014 – Day 2

Did not write today until I went to a write-in as I struggled to wake up in the morning timeframe. In the first hour of the write-in, I put down five poems. Three for Nightmares & Nevermore and three for Elysian & Ether. Both books are over 70% done now. I had intended to work on Reaper’s Moon but found myself in a mood that did not translate to the novel. All the poems I have written since yesterday have been very dark and, at times, rather bloody. It is truly a shame to not have the mood translatable to the novel. Such would work very well over there as I have two death scenes to rewrite and one other to write.

After the first hour, I wondered why was I at a write-in. I am horribly uncomfortable as a forthcoming storm is causing a lot of pain to crawl up and into my spinal column. This does not bode well for writing in general. It certainly does not mesh well with crappy seating at a coffee shop. There is only one local coffee shop I like the seating in but my friend refuses to write there anymore because she does not like the changes they made to their coffee plus it has gotten really busy on Sunday afternoons. Personally, I would rather not write here because it is in need of extensive cleaning and better (unbroken) chairs.

By some miracle, I did manage to get a couple more in word count than the daily minimum. Not sure how I accomplished but it was not all poetry. I did spend some time hashing out some additional thoughts for the direction for Reaper’s Moon.

No-Grain November continues to forge ahead. I managed to resist the temptations of ice cream, Halloween candy, and bread thus far. I do find myself thinking about these foods but only when I am extremely hungry. I am also discovering that more physical pain is synonymous with wanting sugar and wheat. Not surprised by this discovery though. Long been an emotional eater. Pain is just another emotional reason. Sadly, these foods I crave are a source of physical pain so I am stuck in a horrific loop. I need to break it desperately but my past failures are very clear as to why I fail. The loop in all its painful glory.

Current Stats
Reaper’s Moon: No Work Done
Elysian & Ether: 3 for 74/100
Nightmares & Nevermore: 3 for 72/100
Daily Word Count: 1927
Total Word Count: 3595/50000

NaNoWriMo 2014 – Day 1

I did not start writing until after 1pm when I met up with a friend for our standard Saturday afternoon writing ‘date’. This was not unexpected as I knew I would be busy with household tasks in the morning. In a little over an hour, I put down nine poems. Two for Nightmares & Nevermore and eight for Elysian & Ether which brought Elysian & Ether to 71% completion. I decide to take a short break after that, and write out this blog post.

I did not work on Reaper’s Moon today. I plan to start the re-write/re-work process tomorrow. I wasn’t feeling it, and wanted to get as much poetry written as possible for the poetry books. Divide and conquer… At least, such is my intention during the beginning of this NaNoWriMo.

The No-Grain November jump start is going okay. So far, I have resisted the siren songs of the Halloween candy my friend laid out on the table. Eating every two hours has made me not hungry as the day has progressed. This morning, I was extremely hungry by the time the next snack came around. Now, not so much. I even missed a snack this morning as I ended up sleeping in. I do have a slight caffeine withdrawal headache, and I would really like some caffeine as I am lagging. Must be strong. Should not have been consuming caffeine off and on over the past month anyways. Shockingly, I feel better when I am not on it. Such blasphemy from a writer, I know.

As I type these words, all I can think about is how much I want to take a nap. Still I have at least 600 words to write to make the minimum word count for the day. I do not wish to fall behind in the daily counts during this NaNoWriMo.

After the break and a quick snack, came back to work. Wanted to attempt to bring Nightmares & Nevermore up to 70% at the very least but, after two poems, it seemed that the verse fairies had abandoned me to play with the leaves and squirrels outside of the coffee shop window. I cannot blame them for enjoying the sun before snow supposedly arrives. I did manage to meet the minimum word count goal for the day which is all that matters.

Having written only a handful of poems over the span of a month for several months now, I am immensely pleased with having written twelve in such a short time frame. Even though the month just started, I am feeling optimistic that Elysian & Ether and Nightmares & Nevermore will be completed without detriment to the intended work on Reaper’s Moon.

Current Stats
Reaper’s Moon: No Work Done
Elysian & Ether: 8 for 71/100
Nightmares & Nevermore: 4 for 69/100
Total Word Count: 1668/50000

Eve of NaNoWriMo 2014

NaNo-Participant-2014It is time for National Novel Writing Month once more. November is gearing up to be great with a lot of write-ins – one every day! Never have I been so excited for write-ins before.

In preparation of this year, I went through the first draft of Reaper’s Moon and pulled all the ‘weak’ areas so I can rework them. Determined to get a solidly finished draft done for Reaper’s Moon. I plan to also complete Elysian & Ether and Nightmares & Nevermore so I can get started on Passion & Prudence. If time/creative energy allows, there are several other novels in progress that would like my attention & affection.

This past year has been really tough on my creative process. I hope NaNoWriMo will help give me that ‘kick in the ass’ I need to get writing done.

There will be no Free Kindle download or Poetry Wednesday for the month of November. Those features will return in December along with the release of Russian Hymns. The Kindle version of Russian Hymns is available for pre-order.

Pre-NaNoWriMo Stats

Reaper’s Moon: One half is done, one half to rework/rewrite {sad panda face}
Elysian & Ether: 63/100
Nightmares & Nevermore: 65/100
Passion & Prudence: 0/100

NaNoWriMo 2014 will bring a major change to my day-to-day as part of reclaiming my creativity through health. Oh, I’ve had a lot of starts and stops in regards to becoming healthier. Unfortunately, things have gotten to the point where I am nearly crippled from pain. Back in October, I gave up wheat and sugar for a few days before caving in to my addictions. This ‘caving’ has made the pain even worse. Clearly, wheat and sugar are definitely not for me but I am horribly addicted. November 1st is the start of a program that claims it can kick such an addiction. It has a 3 day jump start where I eat every 2 hours in order to balance blood sugar and reduce cravings. I plan to do this jump start for 5 days to err on the side of caution. I really do not want to fail again. I am really sick and tired of being pained and tired all the time. I’m into this change-for-the-better with a lot of planning. I have 80% of my meals for November planned out. I’m happy there is a write-in nearly every day to avoid the toxic influences lurking around my mom and her house. I spent yesterday and today making grain-free snacks and prepping (travel friendly) meals for the next few days. After the 5 day jump start, I start alkalizing supplements and re-introduce exercise.

I am certain my NaNoWriMo 2014 blog posts will contain a bit about this change to help hold me accountable.

On the note of addiction and toxicity, there will be no spending in November beyond groceries, gas for Luna (my car), and a set amount for a caffeine-free sugar-free beverage at coffee shops ($2 max per coffee shop visit). Living with a hoarder has been heavily coloring my spending habits lately and it isn’t for the better. I had worked so hard to declutter and simplify yet it seems for nothing right now.

Yes, NaNoWriMo 2014 is for reviving my lagging creative process but it also serves as a distraction to, I hope, keep me from paying attention to the screams of dying addictions.

New Poetry Wednesday: Spine


Slip the spineelysiancover
As it played games
Right before my eyes
Cut spine apart
Teach it a lesson
Not to forget
Who is in charge
Filthy vengeful change
Slip the spine
As it played games
Right before my eyes
Thought itself better alone
Foolish spine too relaxed
Stop it in its track
Cut down to size
Teach a lesson to remember
As it withers and dies
For its prideful approach
Slip the spine
As it played games
Right before my eyes