Flare & Fetter

Flare & Fetter CoverToday is the release day for Flare & Fetter. It is available as a paperback and a Kindle book. For a limited time, the paperback version will be available for $9.99.

Flare & Fetter consists of one hundred poems that are very close to my heart. They were inspired by my struggles with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and the “aftermath” of therapy sessions. You can read ten of the one hundred poems here, on this blog, through links on Flare & Fetter’s page.


As part of my resolutions, I decided that I would take some months to have WriMo (Writing Month). February is the first WriMo. There’s not a set goal per se. The original intention was to write at least one piece every day but I shot that idea in the foot on the 3rd and the 4th when I did not write. Still, I have written fourteen pieces since the 1st. Obiter & Oleander and Kirsch & Kerosene are now well on their way.

I spent January 30th and 31st doing final edits and formatting on Ink & Ice. Discovered that I had forgotten to log a poem written during NaNoWriMo. It drove me crazy trying to figure out why the worksheet of titles had one hundred poems listed but Ink & Ice‘s Table of Contents had one hundred and one. Issue resolved and the last poem written, Widow’s Walk, migrated over to Obiter & Oleander. Began final edits and formatting on Unlined & Undertakers but have not completed the formatting.

Been doing a lot of thinking on marketing for the books. There is so many of them now and it would be nice if sales were more… lucrative. While I did study advertising and marketing for awhile in college, it has never been my strong suit. In fact, I feel really awkward in situations involving marketing/advertising whether it be for myself or my work. Not a great state of being for self-published author so I am working on ways to market without me feeling awkward about it. I hope to have a finalized solution together by March.

Flare & Fetter comes out next week on Tuesday. Very excited about it but, also, very nervous as its poems are very personal in nature. Every poem I have ever written has a bit of my heart in them but the poems in Flare & Fetter, Unlined & Undertakers, and Kirsch & Kerosene are essentially a window into the depths of my being. It is a little terrifying to put all of that out there.


And it is 2013.

A new year by certain calendars. Another reminder about getting back on paths one has strayed from.

This ‘mile marker’ pays homage to very busy months ahead. There will be three all-new poetry books and three poetry collections of reissued content published this year. 2013 will be the first time that I have published more than one book of all-new content. Yes, I had been very prolific with books in 2012 but all but one contained content written before 2012.

I intend to spend far more time writing in 2013. I plan to complete Ink & Ice and Unlined & Undertakers by the end of February then have Obiter & Oleander and Kirsch & Kerosene done no later than November so I can begin work on Xenium & Xyris and Zephyr & Zinc. I am hoping to also finally complete Reaper’s Moon by the end of 2013.

I intend to continue on my goals to my Tiny House Dreams. So when I am not writing, I will be downsizing the content of my home.

I further intend to be better about getting out of debt while saving money so I can achieve my tiny home aspirations sooner rather than later.

Overall, I hope for a better year. 2012 had a lot of ups, a lot of downs, and a lot of stress in between.

Other hopes for 2013 are more books sales, better health, more editing work, and that the things I intend/plan actually happen in a timely fashion.

Vacation Time!

It is officially National Novel Writing Month. Also known as the month where I get the most writing done because I pretty much ignore everything else in my life beyond the essentials. The perfect vacation.

This year, I may actually get the first draft of Reaper’s Moon done. I spent a portion of October finding the holes in the story and figuring out the remaining chapters that fill the void between where I left it and where I need it to end up. I have my prompts ready to go. There’s not a whole lot left to it. Currently,  it is very minimalistic on overall word count but high in page count as all novels in verse are.

I hope to do a lot of work on Ink & Ice and Unlined & Undertakers too. My hope is to have them done by August/September 2013 – similar to the timeline I had achieved with Smoke & Spirit and Flare & Fetter. Ink & Ice stands at twelve poems done and Unlined & Undertakers is at twenty-six pieces.

I think I am in a good head space for a very productive NaNoWriMo. I worked really hard in September & October on editing, formatting, and beta reading everything I was publishing in late 2012/early 2013 and Reaper’s Moon to be ready. In addition to all the writing work, there was the massive decluttering of the storage room. I thought it might kill me if I did not have a major panic attack first.

I am definitely ready for my vacation…

And if you’re looking for a vacation, please check out my books. All the Kindle versions are free starting today. The free promotion runs until the 4th.



Today is the release day for the seventh chapbook, The Eulogies of Dream. It completes the gap of time between The Breath of Summer and The Heart of Autumn with the majority of the poems being written shortly before the core poems in The Heart of Autumn. Several of the pieces are a prequel to the inspiration for Flare & Fetter.