Fridays In The Studio – The Art Knew

It is Friday in The Studio with Patchwork Chicken Studio!

This week will feature something brand new (not even listed on yet!), and it comes with a little story…

Wednesday night, I was prepping canvases for my morning routine of painting despite paintings rapidly taking over my apartment. I was going to give a base coat of white to several of the canvases. At the last minute, I decided to go with an indigo color instead.

While applying the color to the first canvas, two thoughts occurred, “It looks so streaky, it is going to need a second coat” and “It looks like denim and would look amazing with an array of pinks”.

The second thought gave way to the thought, “That is SO Susabelle!” Susabelle is one of my closest friends, a fellow writer, and the founder of Patchwork Chicken Studio.

I ended up painting three canvases with the base effect of denim because the effect has potential.

Yesterday morning, I created a lovely pink abstract flower upon one of the denim canvases. One of the two other denim canvases had an unfortunate mishap with the array of paint tubes covering 85% of the main work desk in my studio and will be repurposed/reused with a different, much darker, base color.

Susabelle is away, visiting her hometown, and has been gone barely a week. Even so, it would seem that I miss my friend. While I did not realize this consciously until after I completed the painting, the art knew.

Art always knows.


Friday Flair – Ocean Sun

This week’s art piece is Ocean Sun. I really enjoy creating little pieces of abstract art as part of my morning wake up routine. Ocean Sun is one of last week’s pieces.

Ocean Sun

It is a 5″ square canvas panel with soft body acrylic paint. This piece involves different application techniques using palette knives and four different colors of paint.

Friday Flair – The Drawstring Backpack

This week’s artistic piece features a sewing project born out of need following a post-concert success and failure. I had purchased a basic nylon fabric drawstring backpack before a concert in October 2018 (Carach Angren!!!!). The small, relatively flat, backpack worked great for holding a water bottle, band merch, keys, and such while keeping them fully secure when I somehow end up in the pit even though I make a major effort to stay out of the pit. The downsides of this bag were the tiny “pocket” in it that was unable to hold anything of use like my keys and, by the end of the night, the side seams had starting to break apart. Unacceptable. So my contemplation began on how to improve this wonderful pit-approved concept of the drawstring backpack.

After many weeks, I finally felt secure enough in trying my hand at assembling my own 100% cotton version with an interior pocket large enough to hold my cell phone and car key. It came together beautifully. So beautifully, in fact, that I immediately went out and bought fabric to make seven more. Over the past week, I’ve made six of these bags to go with the one I already made. One for myself and the rest for a craft fair. My backpack went on its first journey yesterday as I ran errands. It was perfect. I look forward to utilizing it at the next concert I go to in March (Fleshgod Apocalyse!)

Blue WatercolorsFloralsFlowers & DragonfliesLadybugsMermaidsRainbow FeathersMusic Notes

Are the music notes too predictable for my drawstring backpack?

Friday Flair – When Ink Bleeds

This week’s art piece is When Ink Bleeds. It is a 4 inch by 12 inch rectangular stretched canvas with acrylic inks and the edges were done in soft body acrylic paint. This piece was an experiment with four different acrylic ink application techniques.

When Ink Bleeds
When Ink Bleeds is currently available for sale. $30 with free shipping within the United States. If you are interested in purchasing When Ink Bleeds, please contact me.

Friday Flair – Ichor


This week’s art piece is Ichor. It is a 20 inch square stretched canvas with acrylic inks and a small amount of soft body acrylic paint. This piece was my first time painting with acrylic inks. For a long time, I was convinced it unfinished and could not figure out why which was rather tormenting. Surprisingly, a minor incident with black soft body acrylic paint, a few months later, led to Ichor finally finding completion.