Simple Things Thursday – Establishing Normalcy

A week and a half ago, I began moving into my new place even though it wasn’t done yet. This past weekend, things were finished up and should have been completely done, but the stove started shooting out sparks. The sparks started a small fire. Queue the need for new stove which should be arriving today. For all intents and purposes, I live in my new place full-time now. Anubis, the feline overlord, arrived here on Sunday much to his terror. He’s slowly getting use to the noises and quirks of this place.

I may not have a functional kitchen yet but I have the rest of the basics.

After two years of living with other people and one year without my feline overlord, it is very strange for it to just be the two of us.

After two years of having 80% of everything I own in boxes, it is strange to unpack. The process reminds me of unearthing unknown treasures.

I am grateful the rehab process on the new place is done. I am grateful that I have been able to move in this month, and move in at my own pace. I had hoped to move in October but it was beginning to look like December for such. More than happy to split the difference in the end.

Since moving in, I’ve experience one blizzard that was to be a trace of snow, and another blizzard which turned out to be nothing but really strong winds with very cold temperatures. Very grateful, however, for the warm weather during the days of home rehab and repair.

Once I finish settling in this week (next week?), things will be start getting back to normal on this blog. I did think I had set up Poetry Wednesday for the month of November. Alas, I did not. Oh well. It is NaNoWriMo after all which – by some miracle – I have managed to keep up with despite all the rehab, repair, and moving chaos.

Tuesday Tabellion – Changes Leading to November

Tomorrow is the day where I finally have access to my new home. It isn’t time to move yet though. The entire bathroom needs replacing as does all of the flooring. The kitchen may need to be gutted and restored too. I continue to be optimistic that the move can happen during the last week of October so I can be “moved in” in time for National Novel Writing Month.

November is quickly sneaking up on me. I suspect that I will be “pantsing” any novel-writing attempt or focusing solely on poetry writing. I haven’t written a poem in 3 weeks so poetry writing for NaNoWriMo isn’t a horrific idea.

The next few weeks will be very different for me schedule-wise. If I’m not at the new place working, I will be at my mom’s house moving boxes from the basement, living room, and guest room to the garage so they can be easily loaded into my car. Once the new flooring is in, I will – most likely – make daily trips out to the new place to deposit the boxes and unload the critical ones (the kitchen items).

Extremely intent on my mission to move during October. There are doubters to my cause but I remain focused.

Even though I think the new place is still a bit too large – at 920 square feet – and has one too many rooms, I’m grateful for the extra room as all the boxes will go there until unpacking which will leave the other functional rooms unburdened with clutter. Thus assisting greatly with my creative focus. A focus I currently do not possess because I am so entrenched in the rehab and moving intentions.

Once the move and NaNoWriMo are over, I plan to be more active with this blog and blogging in general. I have ideas, plans, and goals for this. I also have ideas, plans, and goals for novels. Novels will be my primary focus. I plan to take two-three months and spend a bulk of the time outlining then writing the first drafts of a couple different novels.

*fingers crossed*

Tuesday Tabellion – Writer’s Block…of Wood, Plaster, and Cement

I had all these grand plans for this blog, starting in July, but so little came to be. I had grand plans to finish Yowl & Yarrow too yet it sits at 40% completion. There is an excellent reason for these shortcomings, and it is made from wood, plaster, cement.

At the beginning of the month, I came across a listing of decent price for what my family wanted to purchased for their financial benefit and my residential benefit. A week later, the bid was in, accepted, and we hopped the whirlwind to a quick close date. Last week was the closing. I will be moving soon. Not entirely sure on how soon is soon, but I’m hoping it is before the end of 2015.

All this inherent chaos with the closing and the prospect of moving has rather killed my drive to do any writing. Mostly, I’m just tired for a wide variety of reasons including the closing. I am excited that I will be getting my own place soon. Just trying to be not too excited or optimistic since there’s a lot of loose ends hanging around which can prolong the process. The longer the process goes and the more excited I am, the more pissed off and disillusioned I’ll get about the process.

One potential other good thing to come out of July is the opportunity to sell my books at a new bookstore opening up in Longmont, Colorado which will only stock books by authors in Colorado, primarily Northern Colorado. Local Editions is officially opening for business on August 15th, and it will copies of Passion & Prudence on hand. I am certain that there will be further mention of Local Editions in the near future.

NaPoWriMo and the Unfortunate

While I have written more than thirty poems this month, I have been bad at post a poem a day to this blog. Chaos happened, plans changed (again), and I was left wondering – ‘What the hell is happening and why don’t I really have a say in it?’

I had intended to hit the 2000th poem mark by the end of the month. This is highly unlikely. Currently at 1975 with next to no writing time for the rest of the month. I MIGHT be able to eek out the 25 but not holding my breath.

Three poems away from finishing Vervain & Vice. Seven poems in Yowl & Yarrow. Decided to waiting to start Hallow & Hearth after I finish Yowl & Yarrow.

As I write this, I am trying distract myself from the fact that I have a week’s worth of work which needs to be accomplished by tomorrow because of the aforementioned chaos and changed plans.

This weekend, I am “moving” again but it is entirely temporary. Already annoyed by having to live out of bags and boxes for ~20 months, now I get to live out of suitcase for a few months. Ever so exciting…not. My homebody-esque nature is finding this all moving and constant state of situational upheaval very frustrating. Have to keep telling myself this is temporary yet it doesn’t stop me from waking up in anger and/or panic nearly every morning.

Keep forging ahead in hopes of improvement.

NaNoWriMo 2014 – Days 3, 4, and 5

I have been feeling under the weather the past couple of days. I have managed to keep up with the word count by writing whatever pops into my head when I sit down to the computer. Not useful toward my goals for Reaper’s Moon, Elysian & Ether, and Nightmares & Nevermore but sick me was of the opinion that words were words. I managed to get myself together long enough to attend a write-in this evening, Day 5, where some poetry did happen. None toward Reaper’s Moon but Reaper’s Moon did manage to pick up a piece of rewrite work late on Day 2. Not where I had hoped to be progress-wise come Day 5. There is still time to pick up the pieces.

I have mentally thwarted by restlessness driven by the hope of getting my own home again. I continue to have no prospects on that front. It is has been over year since I discovered Al-Bisslii was caving in on its self – an issue I could not afford to fix – so I moved out and sold it to someone who could afford to fix the damages. Next week, will mark a year of when I moved in with my sister. While I do not live with her anymore, I certainly had expectations of having my own place by no later than this upcoming mark. If nothing else, this past year and then some of living with others has made me more appreciative of who I am, what I want out of my life, and of my long-standing single gal status. It has made me more aware of how I show love and respect to others and how I expect such in return. I cannot recall when I have actually gotten these things in return where they truly mean something to me. Perhaps that is why I have no interest in living with other people – family relation or not.

As I type this at the write-in, I become very engrossed in the notion of coming here tonight might have been a mistake. Sick, tired, tired and more tired.

There was a write-in on the evening of Day 3 but I did not attend. There is a write-in tomorrow yet not sure I will attend based on my current physical state and frame of mind. Keeping fingers crossed that I will be well enough for the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday write-ins so I may be extremely productive like I was on Day 1.

And accountability be damned for the past three days. I fell off of the “wagon” dramatically. I need to figure to stay on course even when sick.

Not sure what my daily word count stats for Days 3 and 4 are but I know the other numbers.

Current Stats
Reaper’s Moon: 1 piece of rework
Elysian & Ether: 74/100
Nightmares & Nevermore: 74/100
Day 5’s Word Count: 1932
Total Word Count: 8,634/50,000