Poetry Book Wednesday – Obiter & Oleander

This week’s Poetry Book Wednesday feature is Obiter & Oleander. It is the sixth in the “A to Z” poetry books as well as my eleventh published book. Obiter & Oleander was released on December 12, 2013. Several of its poems can be read through https://words-scribbled.com/books/obiter-oleander/.


Piecing the flowers
Create the visions
Abandoned by roadblocks
Built brick after brick
In my own rising
From the paper smoke

Obiter & Oleander is available through Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/1490918337 Kindle – $2.99 and Paperback – $9.99. The other 21 of my currently published poetry books and numerous chapbooks can also be found on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/default/e/B00AOVY2K4

June’s Free Kindle Book – Last Days!

oleandercoverJune’s Free Kindle Download is Obiter & Oleander. It will be available for free from June 12th through June 16th. Please download, read, and enjoy. Reviews would be greatly appreciated.

June’s Free Kindle Book

oleandercoverJune’s Free Kindle Download is Obiter & Oleander. It will be available for free from June 12th through June 16th. Please download, read, and enjoy. Reviews would be greatly appreciated.

Plenty of Ideas…

…if they would just speak to me beyond basic phrases.

I spent last night working with two story ideas that have been on the back burner since 2005, because they decided to present ways of relieving their stagnant states, in addition to writing two poems. Unfortunately, the story ideas aren’t in a talking mood today. Nothing really is. I attended a write-in this afternoon and was not as productive as I would have liked. I wrote two poems for Obiter & Oleander, one poem for Kirsch & Kerosene, and one poem for Nightmares & Nevermore. Obiter & Oleander is three poems away from being completed and Kirsch & Kerosene needs six. Still, I remain confident that the two books will be done by the end of this month so I can focus on Xenium & Xyris, Zephyr & Zine, Elysian & Ether, Nightmares & Nevermore, and whatever novel that decides to talk to me during the July session of Camp NaNoWriMo.

I also wrote a piece for poetry magazine in the UK that is doing open submissions for an upcoming anthology. It has been many years since I’ve submitted a piece to a magazine or anthology so I am a little nervous about the whole thing. I really like the piece, Incantations, I wrote for it. The writing guidelines for this anthology were wide open so I have no idea if the piece is right for it or not. If it gets rejected, it will find a home in Obiter & Oleander or Xenium & Xyris. In the past, my work has done better with the UK magazines than with the US ones so there is a chance. One of the US-based magazine actually told me I should look into getting extensive psychological therapy because my poetry was just too disturbing and dark. That particular magazine went under a few months later and the name of it escapes me now.

It is hard to believe that July is a week away. I am not ready for it to be here yet. This next week will be very busy making preparations for the coming month because there is so much I want to write, and I cannot afford to be distracted by other things like I was in April.

Busy Poet is….Busy.

I was suppose to post for Asana Stories yesterday but never got to it. I find myself extremely busy this week which is pretty much the same as the last one. I am currently in the throes of publishing prep for Ink & Iceavailable one week from today! – and Seasons of Self: Spring & Summer. It dawned on me Saturday morning that Seasons of Self: Spring & Summer comes out in August, and I’m going to be doing the July session of Camp NaNoWriMo. Add in everything else I need to do in July and August, it is best that I get the poetry collection 100% ready right now. When not bogged down by non-writing writing stuff, I’ve been slowly working on decluttering. More often than not, the hours in the days quickly slip by and leave me utterly baffled about how a simple task can take so long to complete.

On the upside, I’ve been writing 3 to 5 poetry pieces a week so long as I leave the house to do it. If I continue my pattern of a once a week write-in, I should be done with Obiter & Oleander and Kirsch & Kerosene by the end of the month or darn close to being done. I’d really like to work on my plethora of other projects for July. Not sure why but these two poetry books seem more painful than they should be. I’m guessing timing and expectation are the culprits here. I plan not to push too hard on the deadline for Xenium & Xyris, Zephyr & Zinc, Elysian & Ether, and Nightmares & Nevermore. I really do not want and cannot afford a burnout right now – creative or otherwise.

Chaos – that is what I have right now….

Writing Update

Been very bad about keeping tabs on the blog this month. I apologize to my readers, to the words, and to myself as it isn’t fair to any of us. I’ve been either very busy or mind-numbingly exhausted. Every day closes with me being so exhausted that I do not even dream once my head hits the pillow. In some ways, this is a good thing but, at the same time, dreamless sleep is not refreshing. This also hinders my writing ability.

Today, I found myself at a write-in. It was quite productive in spite of horrid fatigue. I wrote four pieces for Obiter & Oleander and, inadvertently, a piece for Elysian & Ether which has a specific theme unlike Obiter & Oleander which is random. I also spent time reading through Ink & Ice and correcting some minor formatting issues. Unfortunately, the file was reading strangely on my laptop so I was unable to correct the Table of Contents. The ToC will be a project for tomorrow on the desktop computer.

I am nineteen pieces away from completing Obiter & Oleander. Since I have not written anything for Kirsch & Kerosene lately, it still needs 23 pieces to be completed. Still, I am closing in on the finish line for them. Next up is Xenium & Xyris, Zephyr & Zinc, and Elysian & Ether for the poetry books.

I started in on a continuous story poem today (aka an Epic Poem) tentatively titled Night Wolf. I am 50 lines in but no idea if it is an idea I can actually complete to my liking. I hope I can. Mostly, it is a just a writing challenge to try.

Cleanse offered up some clarity as to its plot’s intentions but did not inspire any new pieces just yet. It is nice to have a better idea of what to do with when it decides it wants to be written further.

Last weekend, I began assembling a new poetry collection called Russian Hymns. No idea when it will be done as works are still filtering in for it. Although, its theme seems to have run its course as it has not popped up in Kirsch & Kerosene in quite awhile. I do hope that it shows up again in Zephyr & Zinc as the title of that book is inspired by the theme’s catalyst. If you’ve read Flare & Fetter and read Unlined & Undertakers when it comes out in October 2013, you’ll have a better understanding of reasoning for Russian Hymns. The collection will be of prior written/published work as well as some new pieces.

I hope the coming weeks are more productive with the writing but I doubt it. I have a lot of house stuff to tend too. Those tasks but the increasing heat leave me pretty useless by the time I get around to writing. Writing in the morning is also out as I keep thinking I should be cleaning when it is cooler in the house. Looking forward to July as long as June is fruitful with decluttering productivity.

Camp NaNoWriMo April/NaPoWriMo 2013 – Last Day!

Today was light on the poetry. Only today’s NaPoWriMo contribution of Cool Water for Kirsch & Kerosene.

The rest of the staggering word count comes from future blog content, notes for the novels in verse, and free writing.

I am very surprised to get to 25K and win Camp NaNoWriMo. It is wonderful that OLL allowed participants to choose their own word goals for Camp this year.

I hope all the other campers out there had fun this month. And if you won, Congratulations!

Today’s Final Counts are:
1 poem for Kirsch & Kerosene
0 poems for Obiter & Oleander
0 pieces for novels in verse
Content for Blog
Some Free Writing
3220 total words
1 NaPoWriMo Post
1 Camp NaNoWriMo Post

Overall Totals for Camp NaNoWriMo/NaPoWriMo:
Word Count: 25,211/25,000
Kirsch & Kerosene: 34 poems written for book total of 68/100
Obiter & Oleander: 38 poems written for book total of 70/100
Cleanse: 2 segments written
Overall Poem Total: 74