Tuesday Tabellion – Release Day for Passion & Prudence

Today is the release day for my sixteenth full-length stand alone poetry book, Passion & Prudence. I wrote its one hundred poems over the course of a month. The process was an experiment in creative endurance. I learned a lot about myself, my creative needs, and inspiration during the month. During this month of June, Poetry Wednesday will feature pieces from Passion & Prudence. Other pieces were posted previously for Poetry Wednesday. Links to all the posted poems can be found on the book’s page.

The paperback version of Passion & Prudence is $9.99 and available through Amazon and Createspace. The Kindle version is $2.99 or free through Kindle Unlimited. Please read, enjoy, and reviews are always welcomed.

Struggling for words
Signify raged fabrication
Given them over to
The light surrender
To passion waiting
In the deep recesses
Of my marrow

Poetry Wednesday: Saturn


Without trace comes
Sad eyes demise
Stay safe under gaze
Each ring passes
Smiles ease not
Wash scenes clean
Without trace comes
Sad eyes demise
Falsified view open
Behind red eyelids
Saturn’s lovelorn
Smiles ease not
Wash rings clean
Without trace comes
Sad eyes demise

Poetry Wednesday: Constellations


Constellations fail to come out
When the night puts its hands
All over what was me
Constellations do lie awake
In the daylight mournful
All over what was me
Strove to make a difference
Ways I was perceived
Could not anticipate reactions
Constellations cease to come out
When the nights puts its hands
All over what was me

Poetry Wednesday: Mars


Steps to Mars
She counted before sleep
Every night a slave
To her convoluted science
She spoke her mission
In running tongues
Steps to Mars
She counted before sleep
Every night a slave
To her ways compulsive
Concerned Mars would
Forget her name
If she skipped
Up the stairs in
An inefficient way
Steps to Mars
She counted before sleep
Every night a slave

New Poetry Wednesday – Opium


Push me off the path
Infrequent footsteps
Do only wrong
In the eyes unseen
Damage the scene
Along sides overgrown
Push me off the path
Not getting any better
Hear the opium speak
Riddles where I wish
I felt so much better
Block it out inside
Coursing through pathways
Seek out new patterns
Feather out veins it finds
Do only wrong
Infrequent footsteps
Push me off the path
Vat of opium to greet
Skinned knees
Broken ankles
Do only wrong
In eyes unseen
Cloudy under opium’s song
Streak through veins
It found wanting more

End of 2014 Update

As I write this, I am taking a break from working on the outline for the Reaper’s Moon rewrite. After realizing there were major world-building flaws and the story was missing the proper catalysts for certain character changes, I decided to rewrite it entirely. The catalysts changed the overall story drastically thus making it a very different story to tell. Oddly enough, the new outline is missing an entire sub-plot and its corresponding secondary characters. Not sure these characters will make a reappearance in the writing process. Only time truly knows. I plan to get the rewrite process underway in February 2015.

From November 28th until December 28th, I embarked on a project to stretch myself creatively as NaNoWriMo wasn’t so great at doing so. I challenged myself to try and write 4 poems a day everyday. I did not succeed with the everyday part but I was close. Over the course of the month, I wrote 100 viable poems which is more than what I get out of NaNowriMo. This project resulted in the start and completion of Passion & Prudence. Normally, a poetry book has a minimum working time of a month and a half so completing Passion & Prudence earlier is a huge accomplishment. It is even more of an accomplishment considering I am seriously out of practice after the time-consuming and writing-limiting craziness of the majority of 2014.

On December 28th, I also got a healthy start on Vervain & Vice.

My writing goals for 2015
– Continue the intention/process of writing 4 poems everyday
– Complete Vervain & Vice, Yowl & Yarrow, Hallow & Hearth, Glyph & Grey, Rune & Rapture, and Lyre & Letter at minimum
– Continue posting a new poem every Wednesday
– Continue the monthly Free Kindle book promotion
– Rewrite Reaper’s Moon and bring it up to a final draft state
– Outline, write, and strive to bring two or three more story ideas up to a final draft state

My personal goals for 2015
– Take steps to remineralize my teeth in order to avoid $7000 worth of dental work
– Obtain a place of my own and get it into order
– Unpack then further downsizing of various categories of possessions I never got to in 2011-2013
– Daily yoga and meditation
– Work harder on staying away from the foods that may me sick – illness does not help the creative process!

Of course, the obtaining a new place and the moving process could stagnant goals in both categories for a bit of time but I’ll get back to it. I think 2015 will be a great year for me personally and creatively. 2015 will be the year of N.L.!

New Poetry Wednesday – Common Ground

Common Ground

Seek common ground
In the arms of home
Even as it is far from
Balanced colors healing
Dark clouds surround
Seek common ground
In the arms of home
Even as it is far from
Eager sight glance
Move toward a smile
Balanced inside in time
Seek common ground
In the arms of home